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quick3D Professional 4.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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How to use its mouse control?

There are two modes for manipulating 3D files in quick3D that affect how the mouse behaves. The first is Rotate Mode, also the default, in which the mouse controls the model's orientation. The other is Fly Mode, in which the mouse controls your eye orientation. To toggle between the two modes, select Mouse Mode from the Options menu and choose the desired mode. An easier method is to use the "Fly" toolbar button, which toggles fly mode on and off.

When you are in rotate mode, dragging the mouse with the left button down will "grab" the model and rotate it in the direction you are moving the mouse. Dragging the mouse with the right button down will zoom in and out on the model's pivot point. For some extremely large or small models, the rotation may be too sensitive when zoomed up close on a model, or not sensitive enough when zoomed far out. To compensate for this, turn on Zoom Dependent Rotation Speed from the Options menu. This will automatically adjust the rotation sensitivity based on how far in/out you are zoomed. In fly mode, dragging the mouse with the left button depressed will move your eye point around, or in other words, change what you are looking at. Think of this like your typical Quake-like first person 3D game. Dragging the mouse with the right button down in fly mode will move the eye position forward and backward in the direction you are looking.

Frequently Asked Questions - quick3D Professional

  1. What is quick3D?
    The quick3D family of software products are powerful programs that provide an intuitive interface for viewing, converting, organizing, and applying operations to your 3D files. You can load a file in almost any 3D format, and manipulate it in 3D space using quick3D's real-time rendering engine. Scene display options are all just a few mouse clicks away. Other features allow for exporting the model in almost any 3D file format, image file format, or as an HTML page with preview pictures. A full-featured command-line interface is included to automate tasks, or to use quick3D as part of a batch process. quick3D is small, memory efficient, and fast.

  2. How do I convert 3D files into other formats with quick3D?
    quick3D Professional has 3D file format translation features that are as easy to use as selecting Save... from the File menu.

  3. Is it possible to use quick3D to view models directly from web pages?
    Yes! Just configure your browser to use your quick3d.exe file as the default program for 3D file types. Browser specific instructions will be posted here soon.

  4. When I try to start quick3D, I get an error about OPENGL32.DLL, what's that?
    Most likely you are using Windows 95 and do not have OpenGL installed (it is built into more recent versions of Windows).

Screenshots - More Details

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