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SWF Toolbox 2.7 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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How to use SWF Toolbox

  1. Browse to SWF file you want to process in Explorer panel and double-click it or drag-and-drop to Tasks List. To select multiple files hold "Shift" or "CTRL" buttons while left-clicking necessary files.

  2. Once files are added to Tasks List panel, select the file or group of files you want to process by ticking corresponding checkboxes in front of them in a Tasks List.

  3. Choose destination folder to store resulting file/files and their target names after conversion. You may notice that by default resulting files will be stored in a subfolder that has original file name as prefix and converting type as suffix separated from first part by dot. For instance, if you convert test.swf file into JPEG image series, default subfolder name is "test.swf to jpg". You can change output file name by typing in filename text field, however you cannot change output extension. If you convert SWF file into series of images, corresponding frame number is suffixed to selected file name.

  4. In Configuration settings panel choose desired options. We strongly advise you not to hesitate and try every available option. You could be surprised with the number of features SWF Toolbox provides.

  5. Click "Add action" button to assign settings to the files, selected in Tasks List. You may see corresponding action icon near the file name in the Tasks List. Please, note well that SWF files are not processed yet. They are assigned chosen settings only. The logic behind this intermediate step is the following: user may select different settings for each particular file. By choosing a group of files in a Tasks List panel and clicking "Process all tasks" button you may perform conversion in one go.

  6. Click "Process all tasks" in order to process all SWF/EXE files on the list.

  7. New window will pop-up, indicating processing progress. If you tick "Details" checkbox, you may observe processing log. It could be very useful if any problem with conversion occurs. Additionally, you can directly access the resulting file by clicking "View results" link.

Frequently Asked Questions - SWF Toolbox

  1. Q. How can I change icon filename field in Advanced Projector tab?
    A. Place mouse cursor anywhere inside this field and hit "Backspace" button.

  2. Q. I have problems while creating Advanced Projector EXE files. Why I cannot convert sounds with video stream?
    A. At the moment you may enable streaming sounds only. All event-based sounds are not supported.

  3. Q. Why after assigning some of the actions to my SWF files, they disappear sometimes from Task List panel without processing?
    A. Please, make sure that the actions you are having problems with are not filtered out. In this case they automatically become invisible and disappear from Task List. To see that some of the files are filtered out directly in Tasks List panel title.

Screenshots - More Details

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