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Zoner GIF Animator 5 5.0

Create and edit images, especially Web banners, in the animated GIF format.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $29

File Size:6,114 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($29) Limitations:30 days
Date Added:12-02-2005 Requirements:Pentium or equivalent 166 MHz or higher

Main window - Zoner GIF Animator 5
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Software Description:
Zoner GIF Animator 5 is an extraordinary tool which can create and edit images, especially Web banners, in the animated GIF format. The current version provides unique tools for directly creating 'trick banners' (animated GIFs with simulated Windows controls), without using another graphics application. Trick banners generally have the highest click-through rate.

Zoner GIF Animator 5 adds vector graphics (e. g. clip art) in the WMF and EMF formats to frame. Zoner GIF Animator 5 has a function for rendering (restoring) the original states of animation frames, which otherwise tend to be lost, especially in optimized GIFs. Its other features including texture generator, importing vector files, higher color depth allowed for imported images, more support for vital details, solid transparency.

Key Features:
  • Help you create "trick banners" showing simulated Windows system controls (dialogs, message boxes, buttons, etc.).
  • Its texture generator offers practically infinite textures in hundreds of basic types.
  • Directly add WMF and EMF vector images to frames.
  • Set an animation's background color.
  • Restore animation frames' original states.
  • Bitmap import: GIF, JPG, PCD, MAC, PNG, TIF, TGA, BMP, DIB, RLE, ICO, WPG, BMI, and PCX
  • Animation import: FLI, FLIC, and AVI
  • Support for text frames, including advanced editing functions, easy editing of animation frames, merging frames, tweening (blending) between frames
  • Frame printing (either frame contents or the animation state for a frame), frame rotation, frame flipping, creating empty bitmap frames, giving solid transparencies to entire frames
  • Distortion effect, direct previewing of currently-edited animations in a Web browser of your choice, export of individual frames to bitmaps
  • Remove special features (convert vector graphics, TrueColor bitmaps, simulated controls into the ordinary bitmaps in aGIF frames)
  • Divide the program environment vertically or horizontally to suit the animation dimensions and their style of work
Editor's Review:
Zoner GIF Animator 5 provides unique function for creating "trick banners". You can import vector graphics in WMF and EMF formats, restore animations' original frame states and use a built-in texture generator. It also supports for text frames and advanced editing functions.

Zoner GIF Animator 5 has other abilities and features: support for text frames, including advanced editing functions, merging frames, "tweening" (blending) between frames, frame drag-and-drop, support for all frame-refresh methods, titles for all animation frames, easy definition of animation borders, lockable borders, frame printing, frame rotation and flipping, creating empty bitmap frames, distortion effect, export of individual frames to bitmaps.

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