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FontLib 98 2.9 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Adding a New Set

New Sets can be added at any time and there is no limit to how many you create. After a set has been defined, it appears in the Sets list box. Follow these steps to add a new set:
  1. Place the cursor in the SETS LIST box.
  2. Type up to 40 characters for the new set name.
  3. Press the Enter button. The new set is added to the SETS SEARCH list. The Status bar displays a message indicating the set was added successfully.
  4. Continue adding additional sets as needed.
If you wish to see how many sets exist, place your mouse over the word SETS and a Tool Tip display a count of sets and which set is active.

Frequently Asked Questions - FontLib 98

  1. How do I display all of my fonts in other applications?
    Activate all of your sets by clicking on the Activate All Sets toolbar icon.

  2. Why some fonts underlined and others have a line through them?
    Fonts have different characteristics which are expressed by underlining and strikethrough. To learn about the specific characteristics, display the Legends window by right clicking on a font and selecting Legend.

  3. Why can't I use double quotes (") when naming new fonts or sets?
    Software can sometimes get confused by special characters. FontLib 98 would have serious problems if names contained double quotes. The use of single quotes (') is preferred and is not a problem for FontLib 98.

Screenshots - More Details

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