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FontLister 3.4.9 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Getting Started...

When you start FontLister, you'll see the main screen with a listview-window (located to the left) with all your fonts, and a text-window (located to the right).
By clicking on one of the fonts in the fontlist-window, you'll notice that the text in text-window immediately changes its font to the selected one.
Click somewhere in the text-window and you can write your own text. You can also import text from file or copy text from another program using standard windows (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V shortcuts).

Try selecting several fonts from the list by holding down Ctrl or Shift while left-clicking in the list. Now change the view-mode by clicking on the (Compare Mode) button located in the top toolbar. You will get a list of all selected fonts. From this list, you can unselect some of them by right-clicking the font and choose unselect font from the context popup-menu. Again, you can use Ctrl/Shift to select multiple items.

Frequently Asked Questions - FontLister

  1. Why do some fonts fail to print correctly?
    If the fonts use a 'default' font likes Arial instead of the real font, you will have to tell your printer fonts as graphics. To change this, click Start->Settings->Printers. From the Printers Folder, right-click on your Printer and select Properties from the popup menu. Browse through the different tabs until your find an option to 'Print TrueType as graphics' (see picture). When you have found this, select it and click OK to close the dialog.

  2. How do I change the font sample-text, used in compare-mode?
    The compare-mode uses the first line in the text-window in edit-mode. Change to edit-mode and write the wanted sample, then change back to edit-mode.

  3. I'm having trouble removing some of my fonts, what's wrong
    If you want to delete some of your installed fonts, I suggest you select the "Installed fonts"-option in the View-menu. This loads all your fonts, including all the different font-styles. Ex, the Arial font will be several fonts, like "Arial Bold", "Arial Italic" and "Arial Underline". When viewing your fonts with the "Screen fonts"-option the Arial fonts only shows *one* occurrence - "Arial".

Screenshots - More Details

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