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FontSuit 2.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - FontSuit

  1. What is the difference between activate permanently and activate temporarily?
    Activate permanently: The font is activated forever, and can be used automatically even if the next time you start up Windows. The font will be kept activate until you deactivate (close) it. That is, the font is activated automatically each time Windows is started or restarted.

    Activate temporarily: The font is activated just now, and cannot be used automatically the next time you start up Windows. The font will be kept activate until you close it, or until Windows is shut down or restarted.

  2. When I start FontSuit 2.0, there is a font set named Protected Fonts automatically appeared, what does it really mean?
    Protected Fonts means:
    • They are needed by Windows itself. If they are removed from Windows fonts folder, Windows probably will become mess. For example, Marlett is a vital system font used by Win98 to display window control elements such as the minimize, maximize, restore and close buttons.
    • You cannot close the protected fonts by FontSuit.

  3. There are too many fonts in my Windows Fonts folder. Now I want to move the rarely used fonts to another place, Can FontSuit help me?
    Yes. The fonts in Windows Fonts folder are automatically added into Font Sets pane. You can deactivate your rarely used fonts in System Fonts set, then the font files are moved to Uninstalled Fonts folder, you can quickly open it by Tool > Special Fonts Folder > Uninstalled Fonts Folder.

  4. How to use FontSuit?
    See Quick start for beginner section of the help file in FontSuit. There are three detailed guide to how to manage fonts, how to view fonts, and how to print fonts sample sheet.

  5. Why there is no fonts in Fonts pane?
    Because there is no font in condition of Fonts pane filter mode. Change Fonts pane filter mode to All Formats, All Styles, All Status, or Fonts in All Sets.

Screenshots - More Details

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