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CtrlView 3.30

CtrlView helps you view, convert and print 2D and 3D model images, you can rotate, zoom in, zoom out and adjust color to your 3D objects, and then save it into Macromedia Flash for your website.

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File Size:980 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($29.95) Limitations:30 days to try
Date Added:01-09-2006 Requirements:Windows system

The Screenshot of CtrlView
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Software Description:
CtrlView is a fast and powerful tool for different 2D and 3D file formats viewing and converting. It has ability to analyze content of the file and determine its format. If file format is among supported file types, CtrlView will visualize this file in a correct form. And if file type is unknown for CtrlView, it will be visualized in ASCII file form or in binary file form.

This program can be used to view and make up to pictures. It also helps you view, convert and print 3D models. You can rotate, zoom in, zoom out and adjust color to your 3D objects, and then save it into Macromedia Flash for your website. It is very easy and convenient. You can transform your 3D models to any format that you want with it.

CtrlView allows you to customize working environment for your needs. It supports separate lens window that allows you don't need to switch between windows or modes anymore to see an enlarged part of a picture or a drawing. Besides it supports batch conversion, CtrlView prints 2D vector or 3D files with maximum printing quality. It even offers log file to you, which is very useful for file analysis and error check.

CtrlView is an efficient graphical tool, which provides a wide range of converting and decoding features for professional designers, graphic producers and software developers.

Key Features:
  • Automatic format recognition
  • Smooth scale option for 2D raster files
  • Animated rotation of 3D objects
  • Separate lens window
  • Line and text mark up for 2D images
  • Log file with information about file and errors analysis
  • 3D models transformation
  • Printing with maximum quality (with printer resolution even for 3D models)
  • Possibility to look inside file in binary or ASCII form
  • Running in batch mode for files format convertion or printing
Editor's Review:
CtrlView lets you view and convert different types of 2D raster, 2D vector and 3D Polygon formats. It supports converting a batch of files to the different format simultaneously. You can use its separate file tree window to easily find a picture or a document among hundreds of others looking at thumbnails. It supports printing with maximum quality both 2D images and 3D models.

CtrlView allows you to add marks or annotations on pictures invisible anywhere. It enables you to visualize any file in a correct form. If file type is unknown for this software, it will be visualized in ASCII file form or in binary file form. This software provides log file window to you. With the useful feature you don't need to look for an error in a document or a picture file. Just examine your log to understand where a problem.

CtrlView can help you smooth the animated 3D objects rotation. It also can be used to transform a 3D model. In addition, it can output 3D models into ready to use C++ code that uses OpenGL functions for rendering, and so on. It is a smart solution for anyone working with graphic files and using them in a wide variety of documents.

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