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Pic2Pic Pro 2.7 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Pic2Pic Pro supports many image formats.
Format name Extension

Adex img, rle
AIM Grey Scale ima
ARF arf
AT&T Group 4 att
Access g4
Aces200 ace
Acorn Sprite acorn
Adobe PhotoParade PhP
Adobe Photoshop Document psd
Advanced Art Studio ocp
AirNav nav

Alias Image pix, als, alias
Alpha Microsystem BMP bmp
Amapi 2d
Amica Paint ami
Amiga IFF iff, blk
Amiga icon info
Amstrad CPC screen cpc
Andrew Toolkit raster object atk
Apollo HRDU hdru, hdr

ArcInfo Binary hdr
Art Director art
Artisan art
Artist 64 a64
Astronomical Image Processing aip
Astronomical Research Network arn
Aurora sim
Auto F/X afx
Autocad CAD-Camera img
Autologic gm, gm2, gm4
Award Bios Logo epa
Axialis screensaver ssp B3D b3d
BFLI bfl, bfli
Bfx Bitware bfx
Bio-Rad confocal pic
Blazing Paddles pi
Bob Ray-Tracer bob
Buttonz & Tilez texture til
Brooktrout 301 brk, 301, brt
CALS Raster Goup 1 cal, cals
CDU Paint cdu
CMU Window Manager cmu
CP8 256 gray scale cp8
Calamus picture cpi, crg
Canon Navigator Fax can
Canon PowerShot crw
Cartes Michelin big
Casio QV-10/100 Camera cam
Chinon ES-1000 digital camera cmt
Cloe Ray-tracer clo
ColoRIX rix, scx
CompuServe GIF gif, giff
Computer Eyes, Digital Vision ce
Computer Eyes, Raw ce1, ce2
Core IDC idc
Corel Draw Bitmap (preview) cdr
Corel Draw Pattern (preview) pat
Corel Flow bmf
Corel Metafile Exchange (preview) cmx
Corel PhotoPaint 6.0 cpt
CoverDesigner ncd
CoverDesigner Template nct
DBW Render dbw DIV Game Studio Map map
DIV Game Studio Multi Map fpg
DKB Ray-tracer dis
DPX dpx
Dali raw sd0, sd1, sd2
Datacopy img
Degas / Degas Elite pi, pc
Deluxe Paint, Electronic Arts lbm
Dicom 3 dcm
Digital F/X tdim, graf
Digital Research (GEM Paint) img Discorp CMP Image cmp
Doodle Atari doo
Doodle C64 dd
Doodle C64 Compressed jj
Dr Halo cut
Draz Paint drz
ESM Software Pix pix
Ecchi ecc
Edmics c4
Electric Image ei, eidi
Encapsulated Postscript (Preview) eps
Enhance Simplex esm
Explore (TDI) & Maya tdi, iff
FIT fit
Fax Group 3 g3, fax
Fenix Map map
Fenix Multi Map fpg
FlashImage fi
Flexible Image Transport Systeme fits, fts, fit
Fuzzy Bitmap fbm, cbm

GeoPaint geo
GFA Raytrace sul
Gimp Bitmap xcf
Gimp Brush gbr
Gimp Icon ico
Gimp Pattern pat
GoDot 4bt, clp
HF hf
HP-48/49 Grob gro, grb
HRU hru
HSI Raw raw

Half-Life Model mdl
Hayes JTFax jtf
Hemera Photo Image hpi
Heretic II MipMap m8
Hi-Eddi hed
Hires C64 hir
HomeWorld Texture lif
IBM Kips kps
IBM Printer Page Segment pse
IM5 (Visilog) im5
IMNET Image imt

IOCA Image Object Content ica
ISS iss
Image Capture Board icb
Image Magick mif, miff
Image Speeder ish
Image System (Hires) ish
Image System (Multicolor) ism
Image Systems RLC2 Graphic rlc2
ImageLab b&w, b_w
Imaging Fax g3n
Imaging Technology img

Img Software Set img
Inshape iim
InterPaint (Hires) iph
InterPaint (Multicolor) ipt
Intergraph Format itg, cit, rle
Iris CT ct
Interleaf iimg
Joint Photographic Experts Group jpg, jpeg, jif, jfif
Jeff's Image Format jif
Jovian VI vi
JustButtons animated bitmap btn
Khoros Visualization image file vif, viff, xv
Kinupix skin skn
KiSS Cel cel
Koala Paint koa
Koala Paint Compressed gg
Kodak Cineon cin, dpx
Kodak DC120 Digital Camera kdc
Kodak DC25 Camera k25
Kodak Photo CD pcd
Kofax Group 4 kfx

Konica Camera File kqp
LView Pro lvp
LaserData lda
Light Work Image lwi
LucasFilm Format lff
Lumena CEL cel
MGI Photosuite Project pzp
MAGIchan graphics mag
MGR bitmap mgr
MTV Ray-tracer mtv
Mac Paint mac, mpnt
Macintosh Quickdraw/Pict pic, pict, pct
Maggi Hairstyles & Cosmetics fff
Male MRI fre
Male Normal CT pd
Marks Russel File mrf
Mavica 411
Mayura Draw pdx
MegaPaint bld
Megalux Frame frm
Micro Dynamics MARS pbt
Micro Illustrator Uncompressed mil
Microsoft Paint msp
Microtek Eyestar img
Mindjongg Format ipg
MonkeyCard pdb
MonkeyLogo pdb
Msx 2 Screen sc2
Multiple Network Graphics mng
NCR Image ncr
NIST Ihdr pct
National Imagery Transmission Format nitf
NeoBook Cartoon car
Neochrome (ST & TT) neo
Neopaint Mask nmp
Neopaint Stamp stw
Nikon D1 digital camera nef
Nokia Group Graphics ngg
Nokia Logo File nlm
Nokia Operator Logo nol
OAZ Fax oaz
OS/2 Bitmap bmp, bga
Olicom Fax ofx
Open Image Library Format oil

Screenshots - More Details

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