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3D Box Maker Professional 2.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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About the work area

The work area accommodates different styles of working and levels of expertise.
  • The Tool Bar allows you to select the current resource. This is most relevant within the "Card Filer" and "Scheduler" modules. Also you can open this help system using the "Ask" tool. The toolbar itself can be hidden with an option in the "View" menu.
  • Whenever you open a Dialog Box it will display above the main screen. You must close the dialog box before you can work with any other component.
  • If you prefer to use the keyboard rather than the mouse, most systems can be opened using shortcut keys. These key combinations can be found by using the menu at the top of the document window.
  • The watermark is only visible within the demo version of the software. You can create and save boxes using the demo version and they will display without the watermark in the registered version.
Adding faces to the box

3D Box Maker Professional comes with a sample set of box faces. You can take a look at them by clicking Start > All Programs > Blink Development > Templates. The images themselves are in the JPG subdirectory (usually C:\Program Files\3dBoxMaker\Templates\JPG).

Once you've opened this directory, you will see three images. box-front.jpg fits on either the front or back of the box, box-left.jpg fits on the sides and box-top.jpg fits on either the top or the bottom of the box.

The image dimensions are as follows (for creating your own box faces):
  • Front/Back : 800px by 1010px
  • Left/Right: 166px by 1010px
  • Top/Bottom: 800px by 120px
To add the box face images to your box, start by creating a new box (click File > New in 3d Box Maker Pro).

Now add the front face to the box. To do this, click Images > Front (see Figure 1.2), and select the box-front.jpg image in the dialog that comes up. You may have to navigate to the templates directory (C:\Program Files\3dBoxMaker\Templates\JPG).

Now change the camera angle so that we can see the box's left side. click and drag with the left mouse button in the work area.

Change the background color to white so that it will stand out in high relief. To do this, click Scene > Background Color and pick white from the dialog that pops up.

Now add the left and top faces. This is done the same way as the front face by selecting the specific face from the Images menu.

Now you have a nice looking box!

Screenshots - More Details

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