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AmitySource PhotoImpro

PhotoImpro is a complete solution for your digital photos and images. With PhotoImpro Browser you can browse, share, edit and organize, manage and manipulate images and other files, view thumbnails of your images and photos.

Download Site           Buy Now $49.95

Version: 1.6 Publisher:
File Size: 13.18 MB System: Win 2000/XP/2003
License: Free to try($49.95) Limitations: time limited
Date Added: 03-20-2008 Requirements:  

AmitySource PhotoImpro

Software Description:
Primarily aimed at digital camera owners, PhotoImpro combines the functionalities of an image browser, viewer, organizer and editor, which are all delivered in a nice-looking and fully-customizable user interface. PhotoImpro’s customers will gain a wide range of abilities to restore and adjust photos, elaborate them using over 50 filters and effects, fix common photography problems like red-eye, share their digital memories with loved ones via printing, burning photos onto CDs, or publishing them online, and organize them for quick retrieval and viewing. With PhotoImpro in place, you gain a browser, which is extremely convenient for browsing through photos, sorting and organizing them. You can easily browse through folders with images and immediately view the thumbnails of photos located in each of them. Clicking on any thumbnail opens it in the preview pane. A double-click on a photo opens it in the built-in viewer. The viewer can display a single image or a group of images in a sequential order. To let you better organize photos, PhotoImpro lets you use virtual folders and the rating system. Some photos capture a moment that can never be repeated. If there are some defects in your photo, PhotoImpro can help you remove them, saving your precious memories for a lifetime of enjoyment. You can improve photos by applying image adjustments like color correction, brightness, contrast, desaturation and others. Photos with too much noise can be restored with the denoise option. If a photo is blurred or unfocused, the focus corrector can remove these defects. And, of course, there is the red-eye remover to make faces look friendlier!

Key Features:
  • Comfortable browser, viewer, organizer
  • and editor for your images
  • Image restoration
    Advanced noise remover
    Focus corrector
    Automatic red eye remover
  • Image adjustments
    Auto color
    Auto white balance
    Brightness / Contrast
  • Powerful batch processing
  • FTP client
  • Web image browser
  • CD/DVD burner
  • Html albums creator
  • Easy sharing your images on web
  • More than 80 filters, effects and frames for your images
  • Easy to use "Quick Edit" pane
  • RAW formats support
  • Save with realtime preview dialog
  • Advanced sharing on server
Editor's Review:
PhotoImpro is a full-featured batch image editor software application. Just select the files you wish to process, choose the operation for the processing task, and you are ready to go! Each image will be automatically processed.

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