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Business Card Builder 6.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Using the Design Wizard

  • Select your Paper Stock

  • Enter Optional Information

  • Select a Template - Select a template category from the template tree then select a template from the template list below. If you want to start with a blank design select Blank in the template tree then click Finish.

  • Select a Background - Select a background from the preferred background list. Some templates are designed to be used with a background and other are not. You can decide if you want to you a background or not with a particular template for yourself. Or click the Select or Customize Background item to choose a different background or define your own.

  • Specify the Font name and size - Select the font name and size for all text in the design. If you want to change indiviual text wait until the card is created then select the text you want to change and change it on the main design screen.

  • Finish - Review your design in the preview then click Finish to create your design. If you want to make any changed click the Back button.

  • Edit your Design - Edit the design as needed. Once your design is created from a template you can edit it by adding text and graphics, changing colors, alignment, backgrounds and effects, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions - Business Card Builder

  1. I can't seem to print, even if I follow all the instructions in the help file.
    The problem is most likely the printer driver. Epson printer drivers for the x60 series printers (and some others) have been updated to solve this problem. You can download the updated driver from the Epson web site.

Screenshots - More Details

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