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ColorFunction Image Generator 1.0

A program to generate images used for desktop or web backgrounds or for any other

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File Size:1,863 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($10.00) Limitations:evaluation version
Date Added:01-09-2006 Requirements:Linux and Windows

ColorFunction Image Generator
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Software Description:
ColorFunction Image Generator is a program to generate images that you can use for desktop or web backgrounds or for any other use, it generates the image calculating a math expression for every pixel and every component of the color (red, green or blue), the math expression uses this variables:
  • $X:horizontal position from -100 to 100.
  • $Y:vertical position from -100 to 100
  • $R:Radius of the position from the center of the image:is sqrt($X^2+$Y^2)
  • $A:Angle of the position from the center of the image in radians
The math expression is an expression that can use any math function: sin (Angle), cos, tan, asin, acos, atan (in radians), pow (base, exponent), log (value), log10, abs (value), sinh (value), cosh, tanh, floor, round, rand () (returning a value from 0 to 1), fmod, ceil,...

Key Features:
  • The generate images can be used for desktop or web backgrounds or for any other
  • Every time you repeat to create the image you'll get a different image
  • The math expression can use any math function: sin, cos, tan, and so on.
Editor's Review:
ColorFunction Image Generator is a funny small application. Every time you repeat to click "Randomize", "Make it symmetric", "Create image" buttons in turn, you'll get a different image. It is very easy to operate and really amusing and applied.

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