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EZ-Pix 8.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - EZ-Pix

  1. I have an old system and it takes quite a while to display the thumbnails. Is there any way to speed it up?

    Use the settings under File>Options, Thumbnails to increase the size of your disk cache, then when you return to images you have viewed before your thumbnails will display very quickly.

  2. The Help file says to select the XYZ item in the File menu, but I can't see the menu, what can I do?

    You have probably hidden the Menu; press Ctrl+M to redisplay it or 'Esc' to reset all your view settings.

  3. EZ-Pix have both "Shrink to Fit" and "Stretch to Fit" options and they can be selected independently. What's with that?

    The two options determine how images of different sizes should be displayed:

    Shrink To Fit only applies to images that are larger than the preview window. If enabled, it reduces the display size of the image so that it fits within the preview window.

    Stretch To Fit only applies to images that are smaller than the preview window. If enabled, it enlarges the display size of the image to the dimensions of the preview window.

  4. When I try to navigate with the Wheel Mouse it scrolls the file list, how can I stop this?

    This occurs if you are using Intellimouse driver and have set the option to add mouse wheel support to all options. To cure the problem, go to the Intellimouse setup in the Control Panel and select the 'Exceptions' button. Add EZ-Pix to the displayed list by browsing to its location.

  5. After installing EZ-Pix all my image icons have changed to EZ-Pix icons and now when I click on an image in Explorer, I no longer see an example image displayed. Can I fix this?

    You have associated your images with EZ-Pix, you need to revert this association.

Screenshots - More Details

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