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Picture To Go 1.5 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Key Words: This text field lets you filter your searches by specifying words or parts of words that may be found in the file or files you are looking for. This makes searching for a particular file easier by narrowing down the focus of the search. By default, this text field is empty, which would tell search engine to look for all files.

Search in this Location: This choice box lets you quickly focus your searches to certain locations on your computer. You can search from the following locations:

1.My Documents - searches in "My Documents" folder
2.All Locations - searches all computer locations.
3.Browse - Allows you to select a specific location on your computer to search.

Search Button: This button starts and stops searches. Click on this button once to start a search. You can cancel a search that is in progress, by clicking on this button again.

Screenshots - More Details

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