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ACE Photo Frame 2.10 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $24.95

Frequently Asked Questions - ACE Photo Frame

  1. Do I need to download again after purchasing?
    Yes,you need. After you purchased the software, you will be lead to a page to download a full version that include more frame template and cliparts.

  2. I had purchased a new computer, what should I do now?
    If you want to use Ace Photo Frame in your new computer, please uninstall Ace Photo Frame on the old one, and install the program to the new computer and do a register with your registration code.

  3. I've lost my registration code. How do I deal with it?
    If you have purchased from the website, simply contact us with your name and your email address in purchasing. We will send your registration code to you. There is never a cost for this service.

  4. I purchased a previous version and I see the new version is available. Is there a special upgrade price?
    The upgrade is free, you can get the new version without any cost.

  5. What is the reason that I can't send my framed photos to my friends in the "Send photo to friends" menu?
    Ace Photo frame allow you send your framed photo to your friends as an attached, but the function depends on the Microsoft Outlook Express. Please be sure that Microsoft Outlook Express has been installed correctly and your email account has been added to Microsoft Outlook Express.

  6. I have some cool frames, can I add them to my photo by Ace Photo Frame?
    Yes, you can. But be sure the frame's file format is .PNG. If they are, just copy them into the "\frames" directory.

  7. How do I do a purchase?
    You can purchase Ace Photo Frame by your credit card or paypal.Our main bill system is RegNow, RegNow is owned by Digital River, a worldwide leader in ecommerce outsourcing. Having processed millions of dollars in software orders.

  8. I have done a purchase, when will I receive my registration code?
    After you purchase , you will receive your registration code in 5 minutes.

  9. How can I know my order is secure?
    In our continuing efforts to provide a safe and secure environment for our customers, RegNow is now displaying the Hacker Safe logo on our ordering pages. Sites that display this Logo have seen up to a 10% increase in close ratios, which directly translates into more sales.

    Hacker Safe certification is designed to meet or exceed the vulnerability audit requirements of all credit card companies, as well as the FBI's Internet Security Test. Hacker Safe sites are accredited by American Express to meet the requirements of their Data Security Program and by MasterCard to meet the requirements of their Site Data Protection (SDP) program.

    To earn Hacker Safe certification, sites must pass over 3,000 daily security checks which probe all of the known methods and tricks hackers use to steal customer information. If a customer clicks on the Hacker Safe logo on the order forms, a new window will open with our certification information.

    With credit card security and identity theft rated the top concern among online shoppers, we need to make our customers feel certain that their privacy won't be violated. Shoppers often make their buy decision based on the perception of security, and we feel that Hacker Safe certification will be an important factor in this process.

  10. Why that I can not download the program?
    There are many reasons which can cause this inconvenience, please retry after several minutes. If you like ,please contact us via email, we are glad to send you the trial version.

Screenshots - More Details

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