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Image Splitter 2.40 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details


1. Create new project choosing File->New or open existing one choosing File->Open Project.

2. Using horizontal and vertical lines, mark the lines of slicing in the source image.

In the mode Drawing->Auto Line you can split your picture into equal slices. (Number of vertical and horizontal cells depends on ColCount and RowCount values).

3. Use mode Select for selecting the necessary part of the image (holding Shift you can select several slices).

Right click on any cell shows pop-up menu with cell modification commands. Use Merge cells option to merge two or more cells into one. Merged cell can be split back with Split cell option.

From Settings panel, choose the format you need for selected slices. Total files size information allows you to control size of the image before and after slicing.

Press Optimize button and the program will choose by itself the format for each slice to minimize size of the image.

You'd better select image areas of the same color and use No Image slices for them.

Right click any cell you want in the Slice selection mode. From the popup menu, choose "Use No Image Slice". Then select color for filling this cell up.

Unmark item "checked" in the popup menu to change slice type.

4. For each slice you can select the values of the following tags: A HREF, ALT and TARGET.

5. To save the image, choose File->Save as from the main menu.

Slices of the picture are placed in the directory the created document is saved to. The resulting document is saved into HTML file. A format of the slices is defined in "View-> Settings" option.

While testing ("View->Testing") the slices are saved to subdirectory "pictures" in the directory of the program.

Screenshots - More Details

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