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Picture Organizer 3.61 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Installing and Removing the Program

The Picture Organizer is easily installed by clicking on the downloaded PictFile.exe program file. You will be easily taken through a setup procedure after the PictFile.exe file is uncompressed. This program is initially provided on a 45 day free trial basis. If you choose to continue using the program, you are required to register the program. The easiest way to do this is by clicking the Register button on the register reminder window when exiting the program. You can easily uninstall the program by

selecting the uninstall Picture Organizer menu option. If any new files are created or placed in the Picture Organizer Folder, an incomplete removal of the folder during the uninstall will occur. You are strongly encouraged to backup your database before installing a newer version of the Picture Organizer. Use the Utilities Menu option-Backup Picture Organizer Data.

If you receive a message while uninstalling Picture Organizer, you can use Window's Explorer to remove the Picture Organizer folder

from your disk with no problem. Always use the uninstall procedure provided with the program to completely remove all supplemental files. This ensures the Visual Basic and component files in your Windows/System folder are removed.

After the Picture Organizer is installed, running the program the first time may show a prompt asking you to select the name of your computer. This is necessary if you are on a network (intranet) for the search to avoid researching your machine on a network

search. You can also display this prompt by selecting the 'Select Computer Name from Network' on the Main Utilities menu.

Screenshots - More Details

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