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PicViewer 2.7.4 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

How to starting the program?
You can start the program by clicking on the corresponding icon in the Start Menu. If you associated a supported image format by marking the checkboxes in the Options dialog/Associations sheet, you can run PicViewer with an image file on which you double-click in Windows Explorer. If you created a PicViewer shortcut on your Windows Desktop just double-click or drag'n'drop an image file on it.
How to view and browse?
PicViewer has a well-known Explorer-like interface: the folder tree at the left side and the file list at the right, plus the image view window at the left-bottom. Most actions that are available in Windows Explorer work in PicViewer too. You can use drag'n'drop, context menus and standard hotkeys.

The file list panel at the right has large icons, small icons, list, detail and thumbnail modes. Maybe you know the first four from Explorer, the Thumbnail mode looks like the Large Icons mode, but instead of standard icons you can see small images of your files. PicViewer even allows you to change sizes of the icons in this mode.

When you click on a thumbnail or file name in the file list the image is loaded into the left-bottom view panel. The view panel shows GIF images animated, allows you to view separate frames(pages) of GIF, TIFF and ANI files. You can hide the folder tree (by using the small close button at the top-right, the View menu or Ctrl+W), it gives you additional space for viewing images.

You can save your favorite folders with the Bookmarks menu or toolbar button and later quickly change the current folder selecting your folder from the menu. These folders will be available for CopyTo/MoveTo actions that you can select from the File menu or the Manage toolbar button.

Screenshots - More Details

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