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ShellViewer - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details


You can begin using ShellViewer immediately after installation. Just right click on any image file. You must see ShellViewer title and image thumbnail below. ShellViewer is available not only from explorer but from any file select(save/open) dialog. It can be especially very useful for photographers who works with big amount of photos.

If image contain EXIF data(for photos information such as digital camera model,date and so on), Exif submenu containing all EXIF information will appear below image thumbnail.


  1. General
    Maximum image width/height - if image dimensions are bigger than maximum width/height than image will be automatically resized to match maximum dimensions.

    On image click - action associated with image thumbnail(in menu) click.

  2. Associations
    Selection ShellViewer - enabled filename extensions.

  3. Appearance
Show title - Type of ShellViewer title:

Internal viewer

ShellViewer also includes internal viewer which allows you to view images in full size. Internal viewer also support zoom. To zoom image in/out use buttons on the bottom of the window. If image is bigger than window size your mouse cursor will change to hand, so you can drag image.

Screenshots - More Details

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