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AimOne Screen Recorder 1.31 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Using AimOne Screen Recorder

1. Select the record source
1.1 Please select which video source you want to record, now support Screen, window and region.
1.2 Click the expand button of Record to

2. Configure the output filename and format
2.1 Type the output filename, or using the browse button to select a filename.
2.2 Select the output file type --- AVI or WMV
2.3 Configure video codec, audio codec and audio format.

3. Click the record button to record.

Frequently Asked Questions - AimOne Screen Recorder

  1. I have selected recorded audio, why my recorded file is silent?
    Please make sure the "Audio Source" setting combo box matches your physical connection to the sound card. If the audio cable is plugged into the Microphone port, the "Audio Source" combo box should be set to "Microphone". If the audio cable is plugged into the Line-in port, the "Audio Source" combo box should be set to "Line-In".

Screenshots - More Details

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