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ScreenTaker 4.10 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Popup Menu

When you click ScreenTaker's icon on the taskbar with right mouse button, a popup menu is shown.

Click on Help to display online help.

By clicking on Wizard. You will start capture wizard which allows you to choose full screen, arbitraty rectangle and predefined rectangle methods. When image is captured, you will see preview window and be allowed to save image or return to wizard.

To configure ScreenTaker click on Configure... menu item on popup menu.

Quick Profile
From here, you can choose Load from file... to load previously saved profile. By loading profile this way, your default profile (which is stored in registry) won't be changed and ScreenTaker will revert to it when it is restarted. You can revert to default profile by choosing Revert to default as well.

Under Capture... you will find all actions which are of one of following types: full Screen, rectangle with predefined size or arbitrary rectangle.You can take captures by choosing action even if ScreenTakers hot-key handler is not started.

To start (stop) ScreenTaker's hotkey handler, click on Start (Stop).You have to start hotkey handler to be able to take snapshots.

To stop hotkey handler and remove ScreenTaker's icon from taskbar click Exit.

Screenshots - More Details

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