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Excel For Beginners 3.0

Ebook which is helpful for Beginners who want to study Excel. You will need unzipping software to uncompress, unzip the book and sample files and the Adobe Acrobat Reader Software to read the book.

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File Size:219 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($9.99) Limitations:Abstract
Date Added:03-03-2006 Requirements: 

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Software Description:
Abstract available at

Complete book in non-printable PDF Adobe Acrobat Format also available at

You will need unzipping software to uncompress/unzip the book and sample files and the Adobe Acrobat Reader Software to read the book. Links and instructions available at

The first "true" beginners guide

The book introduces the reader to the "Objects" of Excel at the beginning, setting (and, in some cases, "resetting") the foundations for a clear and strong learning of the optimal approach to learning Excel.

  1. The Excel Object Model
  2. File Formats
  3. Worksheets
  4. Columns And Rows
  5. Cells And Ranges
  6. Formatting Cells And Ranges
  7. Conditional Formatting
  8. Printing And Page Setup
  9. Sorting
  10. Filter (Hiding The Data You Do Not Want To View)
  11. Shortcuts
  12. Using FILL And Other Tools To Save On Typing Time
  13. Default Options
  14. Using The Help And Office Assistant
  15. Writing Formulas
  16. Copying/Cutting And Pasting Formulae

Key Features:
  • The first "true" beginners guide.
  • The book introduces the reader to the "Objects" of Excel at the beginning.
  • The optimal approach to learning Excel.
  • Easy to use as a reference.
Editor's Review:
This book promises to quickly make the reader into an Excel master at: Using basic Excel; Writing formulas; Formatting; And much more. Use the book as a quick tutorial, and as an easy reference for many topics. The book is extremely useful as a quick reference guide because of: A comprehensive Table of Contents; An innovative Menu to Contents Mapping (maps which section teaches a specific menu option); An Exhaustive Index.

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