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SunRav BookOffice 3.0

Creating electronic textbook is a very simple and straightforward process with this useful program.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $39.00

File Size:5,141 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($39.00) Limitations:Created books to ten chapters
Date Added:07-24-2006 Requirements:Windows System

Screenshot of SunRav BookOffice
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Software Description:

Your school, college or university can too drastically cut costs and become more environmentally friendly by offering students electronic textbooks, manuals and syllabi in HTML, CHM, PDF, EXE, XML or custom formats. These e-textbooks can be posted on the web, made available for download or handed out on floppies, CDs or DVDs.

SunRav BookOffice comes with two modules - BookReader and BookEditor. The BookReader module is what students use to view electronic textbook with, and the BookEditor module is used by faculty or specially trained employee to create electronic syllabi.

The benefits of SunRav BookOffice are much more that simple conversion of old paper versions to digital ones. First, educators now can use multimedia files to enhance learning experience. A short clip of video, a sound sample of bird song or a multimedia presentation of physics experiment can drastically increase students' understanding of the process and make it easier to remember the material. Plus, teachers and professors can record their lectures and make these digitized recordings available for next year students as a part of syllabus.

Key Features:
  • Come with two modules - BookReader and BookEditor
  • Enable autoscrolling and enjoy viewing the text without touching the keyboard
  • Enable reading the book
  • Use the hot keys for navigation without using the mouse
  • Help you find the necessary text in the book easily
  • Use the Favorites folder to collect the most frequently used chapters and books
  • Create e-textbooks in .exe format
  • Convert old paper to digital ones simply
  • Create electronic textbook easily
Editor's Review:

SunRav BookOffice is a powerful e-Textbook creator. It is very useful to teachers and professors. This program comes with a BookReader and a BookEditor that can be used to view and create electronic textbook conveniently. When creating e-manual from scratch, users can take advantage of the BookEditor that has all word processing, text editing, spell checking and OLE object supporting features. Inserting hyperlinks, images, graphs, charts and multimedia objects does not require any programming or HTML skills. It is very easy!

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