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Professional Bartender 2010 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details


The Search tab brings you to a screen that allows you to perform complex recipe searches.

Searches are done using simple, but powerful, AND and OR statements. For instance, if you search on 'Gin AND Cola' recipes that have BOTH Gin and Cola as an ingredient will be returned.

If you search on 'Gin OR Cola' recipes that have either Gin or Cola in their ingredients will be returned.

To create search string, use the drop down menus in the middle of the screen to pick what aspect of the recipe you wish to search on. Then click either the And or Or button, then add the next item. You can just pick the next item if you want, and you will be prompted for the And or Or.

Note: The Liquors, Liqueurs and Ingredients menus have an other selection that allows you to type anything you want. The rest of the menus have fixed choices.

Screenshots - More Details

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