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The Complete Genealogy Reporter The Complete Genealogy Reporter - Create narrative GEDCOM reports and books with fully cross-referenced texts, notes, media, and family tree diagrams. It can incorporate all relationships, for any individual in your GEDCOM file.
Download 1 |  Download 2 |  Buy Now |  Screenshot   2.93 MB    OS: Windows 2000/XP
Precision Genealogical Tools - Analyse and check a family tree for accuracy, take problems out of sharing data, identify data that has been exported elsewhere, modified, and then brought back in.
Reunion Planner - Allows you to quickly enter/update alumni data, print, view and export various lists, track expenses and receipts, print mail labels, and much more!
Kinship Archivist - Display your family tree on the Internet with Kinship Archivist. The program attempts to provide a user-friendly method for entering and changing complex genealogical relationships and information.

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