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CubeStudio 1.2 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Origami Style CyberCubes

Make 3D CyberCubes in just 10 steps. A Hi-Tech version of the classic origami "waterbomb" cube. Same basic interlocking concept with a few variations. Completely self-contained, free-standing structure; no tape, glue or staples required. Ideal for younger children with adult supervision.

  1. Trim Paper: Trim the top and bottom of the CyberCubes Image Matrix printout as shown.
  2. Vertical Fold: Find the vertical centerline guide marks printed on your Image Matrix. With the image side up, first fold the paper backwards and crease along this centerline (mountain fold). Next, reverse the fold and re-crease the vertical center line (the valley fold).
  3. Diagonal Folds: Create both diagonal folds by folding the paper backwards and creasing along the diagonal guidelines as shown (mountain folds).
  4. Form a Triangle: Collapse the paper along the vertical centerline as shown to create a triangular shape.
  5. Trim Base: Trim the four edges at the base on the triangle as shown. First fold back the top edge on both sides until the trim line is visible and crease. Then cut through both the top and bottom layers at the fold line.
  6. Form a Diamond: Fold both end points of the base of the triangle towards the center and crease the paper on the "Diamond" construction line. Turn the paper over and repeat with the triangle on the other side to form a diamond.
  7. Form a Trapezoid: Fold the left and right sides of the diamond to the center and crease along the "Trapezoid" construction line. Turn the paper over and repeat to form a trapezoid.
  8. Fill the Pockets: Fold the tabs over the pocket openings and crease. Next, pinch the pockets open and insert the tabs into the pockets. Turn the paper over and repeat to lock in the sides of the cube.
  9. Form a Square: Fold the top and bottom triangular ends towards the center and crease, forming a square shape. Repeat the folds in the opposite direction and crease.
  10. Inflate Your CyberCube: Now, blow it up like a balloon! Blow into the opening on the triangular end and lift the sides at the same time as shown.
Congratulations, now you can create and email CyberCubes to your friends and family!

Screenshots - More Details

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