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NuMorse Professional

The ultimate XP/Vista compatible Morse code software for Novice and Expert, offers a choice of built-in training courses to teach you the 5 wpm basics.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2  Download Site 3    Buy Now $35.95

Version: Publisher:
File Size: 2.55 MB System: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
License: Free to try($35.95) Limitations: time limited
Date Added: 03-05-2008 Requirements:  

NuMorse Professional

Software Description:
This is the code trainer that has everything. Play code from a variety of sources such as text files, random generators, your keyboard or even other programs. Send the code to your soundboard, audio files, a tone generator/transmitter and even an on-screen semaphore lantern. Generates callsigns and realistic QSOs. Are you a beginner? Then this program contains a structured teaching course to help you learn the basics. Once you have learned the code characters then get up to speed with the help of a vast array of training features that will keep you motivated and track your progress. Are you ready for your code test? Then take a simulated test with the NuMorse Pro written test feature to boost your confidence. Code speed fiend? Then brush up your receiving skills to a scorching 48 wpm, and let NuMorse Pro add some QSB and QRN for extra realistic simulated QSOs.

Key Features:
  • Ready for a Morse code test? Then take the built-in tests to boost your confidence.
  • Speed fiend? Brush up your receiving skills to 48 wpm.
  • Tutor? Set your own tests and monitor students progress.
  • Just interested? Then hear realistic sounds from Morse Code history and the present day with this excellent Morse code software.
Editor's Review:
Curious about the way that NuMorse Pro makes Morse code history? In addition to the "perfect" code expected of any computer program, NuMorse Professional has a unique "antique code sounds" feature. Switch the feature on and listen to how the program makes Morse code history. Well...historic code sounds anyway.

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