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Chinese FlashCards 1.3 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - Chinese FlashCards

  1. How long can my words be?
    Up to 200 characters can be used in the each of the fields. While there are few words close to 200 characters in length, the Words field can also be used for grammatical patterns, idiomatic phrases etc.

  2. How can I adjust the volume of my Sound Recordings?
    The sound recorder feature includes the option to "normalize" you sound recordings. Normalizing a sound recording means that the volume is adjusted so that the range of the recording fits within the maximum volume range. This is particularly helpful when a recording's volume is too low.

  3. How do I reset my Exercise scores?
    Exercise Scores can be reset for individual Words or multiple Words within a Word File. Select the Word File, then click the "Manage Selected Word File" button, then click the click the "Manage Word File's Words" button. By selecting individual or multiple and clicking the "Reset Word Scores" button, a word's exercise scores can be reset to incomplete

Screenshots - More Details

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