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Talking Translator Pro 1.7 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - Talking Translator Pro

  1. What is Talking Translator Pro ?
    Talking Translator Pro is an easy to use 4 in 1 language utility which can translate text between 8 languages with 23 language sets, Find meanings of words, Read the contents of files and clipboard. It can also read the translations in its native language with proper accent using the in-built text-to-speech feature. You can easily edit and saves your translations and meanings in multiple formats. Also, text-to-speech engines in 12 languages are provided free.

  2. What are Characters ?
    The little cartoon character that pops-up when you are using the program is known as a character.

  3. What are TTS Engines?
    Text-to-Speech engines are software Add-ONs that provides speech output capabilities in different languages.For example: You have translated English text to French and want to listen it in French voice with proper accent then you will need to download & install the French Text-To-Speech Engine.

  4. How can I turn off the character?
    You can easily turn the character off by selecting "turn off" from the character list in the options window.

  5. How can I uninstall a character ?
    Just delete the desired character *.acs file in C:\windows\msagent\chars OR C:\WINNT\msagent\chars depending on your operating system.

Screenshots - More Details

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