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EasyChord 1.3

Easy and free guitar chord dictionary includes 1360 chords for standard tuned six-string guitars, which is so powerful for the beginning or intermediate guitarist.

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File Size:97 KB System:Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
License:Free Limitations:Free registration
Date Added:03-23-2006 Requirements:Sound Card, Windows System

The Screenshot of EasyChord
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Software Description:

EasyChord is a guitar chord dictionary - and maybe the worlds most simple one - for standard tuned six-string guitars. EasyChord includes 1360 chords. Just run the guitar chord dictionary program and choose a chord. EasyChord may be simple but it is yet a powerful tool for the beginning or intermediate guitarist.

EasyChord is now equipped with a reverse chord name lookup system! Simply click within the chord diagram and EasyChord calculates possible chord names for the given fingering!

Key Features:
  • Free Guitar Chord Dictionary for for standard tuned six-string guitars
  • Includes 1360 chords to choose
  • Support editing chord
  • Can save chord as .bmp for printing or publishing
  • Be equipped with a reverse chord name lookup system
  • Easy to use
Editor's Review:

EasyChord is a useful Guitar Chord Dictionary for the beginning or intermediate guitarist. This Guitar Chord Dictionary displays a large number of chords, and allows you to use it to edit chords. You can save any chord as a BMP file and then print or publish it easily. Now this time EasyChord has a new feature that has a reverse chord name lookup system. That is very helpful to learn guitar. EasyChord is completely free to use.

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