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WinFlash Educator 9.1

A simple learning system that is ideal for corporate training/certification, academic study/testing and home schooling applications.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $39.95

File Size:7,589 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($39.95) Limitations:30-day/30-use Evaluation
Date Added:06-27-2006 Requirements:PocketPC or PalmOS device

The Main window of WinFlash Educator
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Software Description:

WinFlash Educator is the head of the WinFlash family. If you're looking for a program that will support virtually every idea you may have for the creation, use and evaluation of study materials, WinFlash Educator should be your choice!

WinFlash Educator is ideal for corporate training/certification, academic study/testing and home schooling applications.

WinFlash Educator combines the award-winning capabilities of the WinFlash flashcard-style computer-based learning system with a comprehensive test generation, administration and scoring module to produce a full-featured computer-based-training (CBT) system at an affordable price. The built-in editing capability makes it easy to provide study materials, tests and automatically graded results - all from the same base set of source materials - which can include graphic, audio and video content.

Master WinFlash Educator using the accompanying step-by-step tutorial. Study at your computer, export decks to a Palm or WinCE machine or print them out in a variety of sizes for use on the go.

Key Features:
  • Educator can import directly from text, delimited text, .csv, and columnar data on the Windows clipboard, allowing easier creation of study decks from already-existing materials. HandyCards and JTutor files can be imported as well, making it easy to work with your PDA.
  • New QuickDeck editing mode allows the fastest possible creation of text-only decks. Simply tab between Q and A and then on to the next pair.
  • Educator can export to text, delimited text, HandyCards and JTutor files - allowing you to study the materials created with Educator on multiple platforms.
  • Educator has Text-To-Speech support - let your PC read your decks to you.
  • .Flz files now store all accompanying .fld settings within the .FLZ file itself.
  • Introductions can have a sound file to accompany them.
  • The Create Composite .FLS Files tool can convert all standard pairs to FIB pairs automatically.
  • Run a standard-pair deck in multiple choice mode with the multiple choices automatically generated from the other pairs' answers - great for things like vocabulary, state capitals, etc.
  • Run a standard-pair deck in fill-in mode with the required answer generated from the text portion of the standard pair. Similarly, run a deck created in fill-in mode as standard when you don't feel like typing in the answers!
  • Passworded access to the Educator features is provided as an option - this same password can also be required for access to the Options dialog.
  • Powerful .FLS file creation feature (Educator|Create Composite Source File) merges pairs from two already-existing .FLS decks.
  • Use rich text format (.rtf) introductions and pair supplemental files in your decks.
  • Create "compiled" .FLZ (study) files usable by WinFlash or WinFlash Educator.
  • Create .FLT (test) files usable by WinFlash or WinFlash Educator.
  • And more...
Editor's Review:

Award-winning Flashcard Study and Learning System - Memorize study material fast! WinFlash Educator can be used to create reusable subject decks, print flashcards, study and so on. It is so powerful that supports for graphics, audio and video. You can import data from existing sources easily. Build your enthusiasm with speed challenges, reverse-order passes and entertaining Cheers and Jeers audio effects. Many features can be used in WinFlash Educator, and this learning system offers detailed help file to use.

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