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Desktop Emailer Professional 2.0

It is an affordable mailing list management software that allows you to send out high volume, highly personalized text or HTML email messages with unlimited attachments.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $79.99

File Size:4,310 KB System:Windows 98/ME/2K/XP
License:Free to try ($79.99) Limitations:21 days
Date Added:05-23-2007 Requirements:Access, Excel, I.E 5, mail server (SMTP/POP3).

Desktop Emailer Professional
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Software Description:
Desktop Emailer Professional is an affordable mailing list management software that allows you to send out high volume, highly personalized text or HTML email messages with unlimited attachments.

It works with any SMTP/POP3 mail server on any platform/ISP, it can manage an unlimited number of groups with an unlimited number of recipients and allows you to easily import/export your existing contact data from one format to another. Desktop Emailer supports database in the following format: text file, CSV, EXCEL and Access.

You can create multiple accounts and associate each account with a different SMTP server. The multi-threading feature ensures lighting fast delivery allowing you to use up to 50 connections at once.

Other features supported include split marketing test, bounce email handling, Quick Start Wizard and more.

If you do not have an external SMTP server, you may use the built-in server allowing you to send messages directly to your recipients right from your desktop.

Key Features:
  • Create and send highly personalized message to an unlimited number of recipients
  • Create and manage unlimited number of groups
  • Handle bounces and verify valid emails with ease
  • Compose your message easily using the built in WYSISYG HTML editor
  • Speed up delivery with multi-threading support allowing multiple connections
  • Run Group Setup Wizard to allow you get started quickly and easily
  • Import contact lists from text file, CSV, EXCEL and Access database
  • Perform split marketing test on your list
  • Send messages directly to your recipients from your desktop or use a SMTP server
  • Use Mail Merge features and personalize up to 15 custom fields
Editor's Review:
Desktop Emailer is a professional email client application. with this software, you can send your email, ales pages, newsletters, ezines, memos and other message files to a large number of recipients, what beyond your image, while it doesn't require you to purchase upgrades.

Desktop Emailer has several useful functions, such as search contact from your contact list by different contact information; send email in plain text or html format; support inserting personalized items. What' more, Desktop Emailer has a high speed of email sending and seldom loss. If you often send email and other message to your recipients, you' ll find that Desktop Emailer is you best assistant.

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