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Expert Email Validator

A simple and very powerful tool for anyone to verify email addresses (including Yahoo mail) for undeliverable email.

Download Site           Buy Now $90.00

Version: 3.2.1 Publisher:
File Size: 9,947 KB System: Win 2000/XP
License: Free to try ($90.00) Limitations:
Date Added: 07-01-2008 Requirements:

Expert Email Validator
Software Description:
Expert Email Validator is a simple and very powerful tool for anyone to check email addresses from email lists, determine if the emails are valid or not and manage email lists.

Expert Email Validator is easy to use and reliable. It can fast verify and clean up mailing list and avoiding Bounce-back / Undelivered emails from your mail box. There is no need to disturb contacts just to verify their addresses since Expert Email Validator check email validity without sending any message.

Borg Design - Expert Email Validator is an absolutely free downloadable software! Using the free edition you can validate and manage email lists with up to 500 email addresses.

Expert Email Validator is the first and the only tool able to detect invalid Yahoo emails. (up to 80%.) Overal performance of email validation can reach over 90% depending on validation settings.

Key Features:
  • Email Verification
    Verify email addresses (including Yahoo mail) for undeliverable email.
  • Multithread Connections
    More connections will use more system resources and internet bandwidth, but it will speed up the validating speed. Recommended maximum 50 connections.
  • Manage Emailing Lists
    Handle unlimited size email lists;
  • Importing Emailing Lists
    Import and export email lists from/to .TXT files ;
  • Filtering
    Once the addresses have been validated, you can save the valid or the invalid email addresses in separate files or work sheets.
  • Retrying
    After the first validation, invalid email addresses can be rechecked to avoid temporary problems on the Internet.
  • Graylist Validation
    By using Retry feature on the second or third retry, emails on servers using graylisting wil be validated OK.
Editor's Review:
Expert Email Validator is a simple and very powerful tool for anyone to verify email addresses (including Yahoo mail) for undeliverable email.

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