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G-Lock EasyMail Professional v.4.62 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - G-Lock EasyMail Professional

  1. What can I do if ALL emails stay in the Outbox with the errors like "Failed to connect: [10051] Network is unreachable", "Failed to connect: [10060] Connection timed out" and/or "Failed to connect: [10065] No route to host".
    This means that either your ISP closed direct connections to the port 25 for all ISP except of itself, or your local firewall blocks access to the port 25. For correct work of the program you need to have access to the port 25. If you're operating within a restrictive firewall, as most users of large ISP do, then you won't be able to use the EasyMail in the direct send mode. This happens mainly with the largest ISP such as AOL, MSN, and Prodigy. These ISP are set up as intranets, while EasyMail needs a true internet connection in order to function properly. Most of free ISP such as Juno, WorldShare, EarthLink, NetZero, and others also block the port 25 and allow you sending email using their email servers only. A workaround for this is to check Use ISP's SMTP Server for relaying option in EasyMail Accounts settings, and enter your ISP's mail server name, and the port 25. This usually reads something like or If you are not sure, you can pick up the SMTP server name for the Accounts settings in your regular email client. Look for the record in Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) field or something similar. Or, you can call your ISP and ask. They will be glad to tell you, because the same information is needed to set up Microsoft Outlook Express. To save the Account settings in the EasyMail, click OK. Then try to re-send the messages from the Outbox. To do this, click Send button in the Send Manager screen but not in the Message Control as usually.

    Tip: Avoid maintaining only AOL, Hotmail, etc. email addresses in one group but mix them with the email addresses from other domains. If this is not possible, for your convenience you can separate the emails from,, etc. domains to a specific group in the EasyMail Address Book, and send the message to that group using the SMTP server of your Internet Service Provider.

  2. What if DNS Error: No email servers were found?
    Make sure you properly configured the EasyMail settings:

    1) enter your domain name (but not the email address) into Domain name for HELO field in the EasyMail Delivery settings.

    2) use your Windows DNS settings in the EasyMail DNS settings. If they are not automatically detected, click Detect DNS button and copy Windows DNS settings into the Primary and Secondary DNS boxes.

    3) clear the program's DNS cache. To clear the DNS cache, select all the emails in the Outbox folder (Ctrl+A), click the right mouse button and select Remove SMTP server(s) from DNS Cache option. You can also set Clear internal DNS cache every 2(5) days option in the EasyMail DNS settings so the program will automatically clear the DNS cache every 2 (5) days.

  3. What if DNS error: Interrupted?
    This error means that either your DNS server was overloaded at the moment and could not give you the results, or this domain does not exist. You can try to do the following:

    -decrease the number of threads in the EasyMail Delivery settings; -use the DNS settings of your ISP. To do this, copy the Windows DNS Settings to the Primary and Secondary DNS boxes in the EasyMail DNS Settings; -drag and drop the emails with that error from the Not Delivered folder to the Outbox and resend them later.

  4. Disconnected [10053] software cause connection abort?
    The Software Caused Connection Abort error usually occurs if a third party program doesn't allow the EasyMail access to the Internet. This usually can be either firewall or an antivirus scanner. If you have firewall, make sure that the EasyMail is added to the list of the applications that are allowed to access the Internet. If you decide to remove firewall from your computer, you must completely uninstall it but not only delete from the Startup section because if you don't uninstall it, firewall kernel may still load at startup without you knowing it and block some programs. As to the antivirus scanner, we usually suggest that you disable it the time they are working with the EasyMail. The antivirus program can catch outgoing emails before they are sent and scan them. This usually slows down the sending process, or may not allow the messages to go out with the error like Software Caused Connection Abort or something similar.

  5. What if DNS Error 10049: Can't assign requested address?
    To avoid Error: [10049] Can't assign requested address, open the DNS settings in the EasyMail and click Set Default button. Then click OK to save the settings and try to re-send the emails. You might select some interface in the past (or maybe it is currently selected), and the program remembered it. Then the IP address can change but the EasyMail still uses that old IP, which is not the right one anymore. Thus, the error occurs. So, to clear the IP address from the program's memory, you should click Set Default button. In this case the EasyMail will find the right interface by itself.

  6. What if 550 You are not allowed to send mail Please refer to, and njabl 550 Dynamic IPs/open relays blocked. Contact 553 5.3.0 ylpvm05,DNSBL: To request removal of,, send the complete error mes
    The IP address, from which you sent the messages is listed within spam databases. The recipient's SMTP server can be configured so that it checks the sender's IP address against a list of spam databases before letting a message through. If it finds that the IP is blacklisted, the message from this IP is not accepted. You can try to re-send the messages that stayed in the Outbox with the above errors through your ISP SMTP server. If you use the ISP SMTP server, the server's IP address but not yours will be stamped in the message header. Just check Use ISP SMTP server for relaying option in the EasyMail Accounts settings, enter the SMTP server name and the port 25. Then try to send messages. Note, to send a message to the addresses that are in the Outbox, you must click Send button in the Send Manager screen but not in the Message Control as usually.

  7. What if 502 Command is locally disabled?
    Try to uncheck My server requires authentication option in the EasyMail Accounts settings, and then re-send the emails from the Outbox.

Screenshots - More Details

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