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LiteMail 3.1

Create and send complex business email and handle email addresses quickly and effectively

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $69.95

File Size:4,837 KB System:Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($69.95) Limitations:30 days & functions forbidden
Date Added:10-24-2005 Requirements:IE 5.5

market email - LiteMail
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Software Description:
LiteMail is a powerful, easy to use industrial strength bulk email application.

LiteMail is powerful enough to create and send the most complex business email, as well as easy to use so you won't find it hard to send simple notifications to your colleagues. LiteMail projects are completely independent of each other. You can set separate settings (ISP, From Email Address etc) for every project that you create, thus giving you the freedom to handle multiple accounts in a simple and seamless fashion.

LiteMail allows you to customize your outgoing email with as many fields as you want. It allows you to import data from a several formats including Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel etc. You can export to various formats too.

LiteMail can send Plain Text, HTML as well as multi part messages (Plain Text and HTML in the same message). It includes a fully featured context-sensitive message editor. You can also send messages in HTML format and apply the very same customizations to them. Any local images used in the HTML message can also be embedded so that your recipients get the entire message - no more red x's!

LiteMail comes complete with a built in express mail server for fast, multi-threaded delivery and instant delivery status information. But if you prefer you can still opt to use your ISP's SMTP mail server.

LiteMail can process incoming subscription and unsubscription requests as well as bounced messages from your POP3 server.

Key Features:
  • Import contacts from ADO/ODBC, Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft Excel files, CSV files and several other formats
  • Powerful contact list management
  • Send plain text, HTML or Multipart messages (both text and HTML in the same message)
  • Customize email messages with several fields
  • Validate the existence of email addresses before actually sending them out.
  • Process incoming messages (Subscribes, Un-subscribes and Undeliverable messages)
  • Automatically embeds images in HTML
  • Features a powerful and fast Internal SMTP server
Editor's Review:
LiteMail has inherited the style of Windows brief and beautiful interfaces. It's main menu and toolbar are placed at the top, which made It convenient to operate. It has detailed help text which enables you to use this software without advanced computer knowledge.

LiteMail has crediable powerful functions, beside basic features such as send and receive email, import and output contact lists, add in liaison person and update addresses, It also support contact lists division management, that's to say, you can divide your contact list into many types of lists, and setting their own properties.

LiteMail can divide your contact list into unlimited types, and can handle as many as 50,000 addresses as a surprise.

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