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MailCOPA 8.01

MailCOPA easy to use but it is pre-configured to aggressively combat SPAM and viruses and is fully multi-user and multi-machine capable meaning you can share your email across your network with other workers.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $39.95

Version: 8.01
File Size: 11,748 KB System:Windows ME/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($39.95) Limitations:30 days
Date Added:02-13-2006 Requirements:windows system

Screenshot - MailCOPA
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Software Description:

MailCOPA is the most powerful out-of-the-box email software you can purchase to date. Why? Not only is MailCOPA easy to use but it is pre-configured to aggressively combat SPAM and viruses and is fully multi-user and multi-machine capable. In addition to being a great help to small and medium sized businesses, MailCOPA also has some great features for home users.

Award winning MailCOPA email software is ideal for business users (see what they say) who require powerful and flexible email handling. MailCOPA has a user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art features including: powerful and highly efficient SPAM filtering, fully customizable filters, read and unread email sorting, search and keep email flags. Using preset filter lists to score SPAM in addition to "white" lists (for email from the good guys) and "black" lists (for email from the bad guys), MailCOPA blocks (placing it in a SPAM folder) almost all unsolicited email letting you control what comes to your inbox.

Viruses don't have a chance with MailCOPA. MailCOPA is designed to interface with Norton, McAfee and our preferred virus protection, AVG 7 by Grisoft. AVG 7 installs easily and can be controlled by one of MailCOPA's tool menu options.

Key Features:
  • Virus Security
    The MailCOPA email software confronts the problem of potential virus threats in your email in a number of ways. First, MailCOPA IS NOT susceptible to Outlook targeted viruses using the Outlook address book to spread infected email. Not now, not ever. Second, MailCOPA is capable of switching off HTML email so that so that dangerous scripting CANNOT be run within the email messages. There is a right-click option to view HTML emails simply and easily once your virus software has had an opportunity to check the contents. MailCOPA directly interfaces with AVG 7 by Grisoft.
  • Advanced Folder Properties Help You Manage Messages
    Like no other email software, MailCOPA allows you to maintain specific views, options and filtering preferences for each folder in the user tree. Users may associate different identities including: name, email address, signature and stationery just to name a few. Users may choose to view one folder by subject line and another by from or date received. All the message field placements, column headings, dates and other data may be customized by folder. Users may also select reply and view options as well. Just right click and choose the settings that you prefer.
  • Shared Folders
    Share folders between users. A great feature so you can share messages between users on your system without having to compromise your security. If the user you are sharing a folder with is also logged in to MailCOPA on another machine then you will see their changes to messages happen live in the shared folder. For example if the other user deletes a message, you will see it disappear from the folder on your machine.
  • Address Book/ Contact List
    Multiple Address Books – There is no comparison in the email software world for this feature. If you use more than one identity, or define your digital life by wearing more than one hat, then this feature is for you. You may keep distinct address books for businesses, home and other endeavors. Perfect for those who represent different companies or clients.

    Sharing of Address Books – Using MailCOPA any or all address books may be shared amongst users.

    Alias and Nickname Support – MailCOPA’s alias and nickname support saves keystrokes by giving a “short” or nickname to your most often used email addresses or email lists.

    Mailing Lists - Addresses from address books can easily be transferred into mailing lists allowing you to send out reminders to all your customers, or vacation notices to all your friends for example. You can even email to everyone in an entire address book without having to define a seperate mailing list.
  • Hotkeys
    MailCOPA features hotkeys to save you time, keystrokes and keep things moving. Sometimes called shortcuts, MailCOPA includes various hotkeys for the most commonly selected menu options.
  • Quick Text
    MailCOPA features "quick text" saving you keystrokes and improves accuracy by inserting common phrases and repetitively typed words by the use of keystroke combinations.
  • Automatic Upgrades
    MailCOPA is set to automatically update registered users by upgrading over the Internet. Don’t worry, our updates are well tested, useful and download quickly.
  • Multiple Users
    MailCOPA allows any number of users to login to it. User may choose to have a password to protect their user-account. Each user-account may have multiple email accounts, multiple address books as well as sharing email accounts with other users.
  • Multiple Email Accounts
    Within a user-account MailCOPA allows users to access any number of email accounts whether they are on the same server or not. MailCOPA is also compatible with *Hotmail ™ and *Yahoo ™ POP mail accounts. ** Yahoo and Hotmail are free web based e-mail services offering POP e-mail accounts at additional charges.
  • Import your existing email
    MailCOPA provides filters to import messages from a wide range of other email software including Outlook Express, Outlook and Eudora. MailCOPA can also import mail from .eml, text files and Unix MailBox format files (as used by Netscape and Firefox) allowing email to be imported from a huge range of other software.
  • Exporting email
    InterVations appreciates that as good as MailCOPA is, some people will always prefer to use something different. MailCOPA can export your messages to .eml, text files or Unix MailBox format files. And unlike other email software, MailCOPA keeps the original RFC822 message formatting totally intact. This allows your email to be read into other software with no loss of formatting, attachments, or anything else that may come along in the future.
  • Drag and Drop Attachments
    Attachments can either be saved to a location with a right click, or you can drag and drop your attachments straight out of MailCOPA to your desktop, or any other Windows folder. Attachments can also be dragged in, making sending files a very simple process, just drop the file you want to attach right on to the message you are composing. MailCOPA can even ZIP your files for you before sending.
  • Personalities
    Like to keep your personal and business email together but don't like to look formal to your friends? With MailCOPA you can set a personality on a per folder basis. Whilst in your inbox you may use your business email address and sign your message as the CEO of Big Corp you can set the personality of another folder to be your personal email address and sign your message as Johnny Smith.
  • Options
    InterVations appreciates that not everybody uses email the same way we do. With that in mind MailCOPA has been designed to be totally customizable. MailCOPA's Set Preferences screen has settings to change almost every aspect of how the program functions.
  • Context-Sensitive Help
    Although very intuitive, it will take some time to learn all the powerful features in MailCOPA. Until then there is extensive help within the context or window that is currently active.
  • Multi-Column Sort on Message List
    Sometimes you need to sort your message list by someones name rather than in the normal date order. With the MailCOPA email software you can have the best of both worlds, first sort by name, then press shift and sort within the name by date, or anything else you may need to help you locate that elucid message.
  • SPAM Filtering
    MailCOPA will help you with your SPAM problems. MailCOPA has inbuilt SPAM detection filters that require no tuning or setup. As every message is received it is scanned and scored. If the score exceeds the threshold then the message is delivered to your SPAM folder.

    MailCOPA also features black and white SPAM lists. Anyone in any of your address books are automatically assumed to be on your white list, but you can easily add other addresses too. Users on your white list will not have their email checked for SPAM. While users on your blacklist will always be considered spammers. Add an entire domain to the blacklist and any email from that domain will be considered SPAM.

    Adding messages to the SPAM black and white lists is simply a matter of dragging a message to or from the SPAM folder allowing you to build comprehensive lists almost subconsciously.

    The MailCOPA email software also has a built in Bayesian filter, which learns what type of messages you consider to be SPAM and what you consider to be good messages.

    If that wasn't secure enough, MailCOPA can also check online SPAM DNS Black Lists such as the Spamhaus DNSBL
  • Cycled SMTP Gateways
    Stop re-configuring email accounts when you travel! By cycling gateways MailCOPA will use the first available SMTP server to send your messages. A feature unique to MailCOPA that allows you use of any number of mail gateways for sending mail. Awesome for those that use different ISP’s while traveling or moving around on a network.
  • View Email Received
    A terrific feature that allows you to quickly and easily view only unseen emails from all accounts. No more setting advanced finds like other email software. Click and view, that’s all there is to it.
  • Speak Mail Message
    Improved accessibility via text to speech support, MailCOPA will speak the text in your emails by simply using a right-click menu option. Great for listening to your emails while you do other tasks.
  • Customizable Message Filters
    MailCOPA has a huge range of customizable filters to help you organize your email. From simply transferring an incoming message to a dedicated folder to printing all incoming messages from certain addresses or domains and sending automated replies. MailCOPA's filters are so comprehensive we have a separate page to detail them here.
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Support
    MailCOPA has built in support for SSL connections. SSL connections provide secure, un-hackable point to point connections across the internet. Some ISP's now require SSL connections for receiving and sending email. MailCOPA handles both incoming and outgoing SSL connections.
  • Split Screen Reply Editor
    A feature worth its weight in gold. MailCOPA allows you to compare two sections of the same message while reading or replying. A boon for long emails.
  • Stationery (Templates)
    If you send the same email to the same group or individual then this feature is for you. Save documents with pertinent information and text ready for your next email. Use built in Macros to add real time data into your message, or create your own Macros to include in template content.
  • Threaded Message Topics
    Allows you effectively “link” by topic, a number of messages regardless of FROM, TO and SUBJECT lines. A great feature for all those mailing lists you belong to. By threading the messages all messages about a particular topic are kept together making chronological following much simpler.
  • Message Locking
    Worried about accidentally deleting that important email. The MailCOPA email software allows you to lock a message within a folder. This prevents you from accidentally deleting it, or moving it to another folder.
  • Interactive and List Downloading
    If you still use your email on a dialup or other slow connection those long emails and mailboxes full of SPAM can be really annoying. MailCOPA allows you to get a list of email that is waiting for you on your mail server. You can then choose which messages you wish to download. You can even remove obvious SPAM without even having to download it.
  • Spell Checking
    Spell checking is fully integrated into MailCOPA. Words are checked as you type. Common misspellings are replaced automatically and when an incorrect word is detected, right clicking on it will give you a list of phonetic replacements.
  • Message Searching
    MailCOPA has an in-built search engine, allowing you to locate a message anywhere in your system within seconds. Searches can be narrowed down to a single folder, a subset of folders, or your entire folder tree. In addition you can search the previous results allowing for complex searching. MailCOPA also includes a standard regular expression search algorithm to allow you to produce some really complex searches.
  • Message Labeling and Coloring
    Need to keep an eye on that important message hiding away in your inbox. Then simply right click on it and change it's color. A note can also be attached to a message and message notes can be added to the details displayed for a folder. This allows you to add details to particular messages. For example you may want to add "Sales Lead" to all messages that were sales leads. You can then group all these messages together and make sure you didn't miss anything important.
  • Locate Replies
    Ever found a message from a customer that you know you've replied to, but you can't find the reply. The MailCOPA email software will locate all replies for you, no matter where you have moved them in your system.
  • Locate Originals
    Just like locating replies, MailCOPA can locate the original message for you. If you've found a reply you have written but need the original message, it's simple a click away no matter where you may have moved it to.
  • HTML Source Editing
    Want to format your HTML message just right? MailCOPA allows you direct access to the HTML source in the message editor. The MailCOPA HTML source editor even has syntax highlighting to make your editing easier.
  • Quick Image Viewer
    The MailCOPA Email Software contains it's own image viewer, compatible with all common image formats. No longer do you have to wait for your external viewer to load to see attached images. MailCOPA can display it for you in a flash.
  • Support for WinMail.Dat attachments
    Microsoft Outlook sometimes sends attachments which are unreadable by other email software. MailCOPA will decode attachments contained within these files totally transparently. I won't even realize it's done it.
  • More To Come...
    MailCOPA is constantly in development. More features are being added to MailCOPA all the time. We always listen to our customers requests for features and are glad to receive comments, criticism and requests for future features. Our customers are important to us and we hope you will join our growing family very soon.
Editor's Review:

MailCOPA was the first true multi-user email software allowing any number of networked computers to access a single email account. MailCOPA has a user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art features. MailCOPA is a perfect solution for multiple user groups such as reservations, technical support, help desks or any application where more than one user needs access to the same emails at the same time.

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