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EmFTP 2.01

EmFTP is an easy-to-use high-quality FTP/SFTP client software.

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File Size:598 KB System:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try (39.99) Limitations:30 days
Date Added:10-25-2005 Requirements: 

Connected using the Quick Connect Bar.
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Software Description:

The traditional FTP sends passwords and file contents without encrypting, arising potential danger that your passwords and file contents can be hacked. SFTP encrypts passwords and file contents so it is more secure.

SFTP features such as compression and public key authentication are also available. Many colleges, universities, laboratories and companies already require or recommend using SFTP in place of FTP. To protect from hacking, demands for SFTP are still rising.

Key Features:
  • SFTP Support (EmFTP Professional only)
  • Quick Connect Bar (EmFTP Professional only)
  • Filter Feature (EmFTP Professional only)
  • FTP Fast Transfer Using Multiple Threads
  • Permission Change and Automatic Permission Settings
  • Robust and Responsive Operation
  • Explorer-like Look and Feel
  • While EmFTP is a small, fast application, its reliability and capabilities are of the highest quality
  • The user interface is similar to EmEditor, so it is easy to use
  • Can import other FTP client software (FFFTP, Internet Explorer, WS_FTP) settings
Editor's Review:

EmFTP is an easy-to-use high-quality FTP/SFTP client software. EmFTP Professional supports SFTP using SSH (Secure Shell), Quick Connect Bar in Toolbars allows you to connect to a server by specifying only URL and The filter feature allows you to transfer only files with a specific type.

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