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FTP Voyager Software Development Kit - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

The following are the functions available in the FTP Voyager Software Development Kit

DLL Management: FVSDK_BuildDate, FVSDK_Version, FVSDK_FtpTreeBuildDate, FVSDK_FtpTreeVersion, FVSDK_SetRegistrationID

File Operations: FVSDK_RemoveFile, FVSDK_Size, FVSDK_OpenFile, FVSDK_CreateFile, FVSDK_OpenFileRW, FVSDK_ReadFile, FVSDK_WriteFile, FVSDK_CloseFile, FVSDK_SetFileDateAndTime

Session Management: FVSDK_ValidSession, FVSDK_InitSession, FVSDK_CloseSession, FVSDK_NewSession, FVSDK_FreeSession, FVSDK_ApplySessionChange

Connection Operations: FVSDK_Connect, FVSDK_Disconnect, FVSDK_Connected

General Operations: FVSDK_Working, FVSDK_Stop, FVSDK_LastOperationStopped, FVSDK_GetLastResponse, FVSDK_GetWelcomeMessage, FVSDK_SendCommand

Directory Operations: FVSDK_GetCurrentDirectory, FVSDK_SetCurrentDirectory, FVSDK_UpOneDirectory, FVSDK_CreateDirectory, FVSDK_RemoveDirectory, FVSDK_Rename

Directory Listing Operations: FVSDK_ValidFileInfo, FVSDK_FindFile, FVSDK_FindNextFile, FVSDK_FindFileClose

File Transfer Operations: FVSDK_Download, FVSDK_Upload, FVSDK_MoveDown, FVSDK_MoveUp, FVSDK_RemoteEdit, FVSDK_RemoteView, FVSDK_TransferMessage

High Level U/I Functions: FVSDK_FindFilesDialog, FVSDK_SyncFolders

Screenshots - More Details

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