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My FTP 1.3.2 - User Guide and FAQ

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Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - My FTP

  1. Why I can't land my FTP ? I can't land my FTP ! error 403
    Error 403
    Not Exist index file,
    Wrong Permission

    You say 'I can't land my FTP !".

    That means
    'I can't connect FTP'?
    or 'I can't send files in spite of conected'.

    If the formal case,
    Naturally enough, Error403.
    because 'Not Exist Index File'

    If the later case,
    Do you regist your host?

    The Way of Regist
    First, you access this URL and login.

    And Click the Host Infomation Regist
    (Possibly Subject Name is wrong
    because I haven't see in English, I only see in Japanese.)

    Lasyly, you click the button of FTP.
    and, about 10 minits.

Screenshots - More Details

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