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Instant Messaging Software

miniSipServer miniSipServer -miniSipServer is a VOIP server for MS-Windows system. It is very easy for you to deploy your VOIP network with miniSipServer.
Download 1 |  Download 2 |  Buy Now |  Screenshot   2,343 KB    OS: Win 2K, XP, 2003
Newsgroup AutoPoster PRO Newsgroup AutoPoster PRO 1.5.3 - Newsgroup AutoPoster PRO is a Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP news posting program.Using Newsgroup AutoPoster PRO turns your computer into a large scale Usenet news posting machine!
Download 1 |  Download 2 |  Buy Now |  Screenshot   5,098 KB    OS: Win 9x 2k XP 2003
123 Flash Chat Server 5.0 - Allow you to organize chat-events, collaborative work sessions or online meetings, providing high-performance and rock solid stability.
Chat Watch Professional 2.0 - Log instant messages on today's most popular messaging programs, and can be saved to the local computer, to a SQL Server database, or to ChatWatch.NET service.
Im-Snif 2.2.35 - Allow to view and log all Instant Messages of MSN, AOL and ICQ messengers passing through a LAN, view ICQ and POP3 user passwords and real IP addresses, etc.
LAN Chat Enterprise 3.24 - Exchange messages in the regime of real time in a small office, requiring neither connecting to Internet nor a specialized (a selected) server.
LanToucher Instant Messenger 2.3 - A LAN chatting tool that takes up minimal memory and network resources, very convenient to use, and supports hotkey.
MessengerLog 5 Pro 5.12 - A peer-to-peer secure instant messaging solution for a local network
NetChat 2.7 - A peer-to-peer local network instant messaging and communications system, working with fixed or dynamic IP addresses on an Ethernet network.
PopMessenger 1.61 - A LAN-based instant messaging system allowing for immediate rich text message and files delivery over corporate network.
Vypress Chat 2.1 - Designed for simplifying sharing multiple files among the users. No Internet connection and no server are required.
Yahoo Message Archive Decoder Pro 3.3 - View other's conversation, SMS and private message, decode dat files to formatted HTML or text and so on.
Yahoo Pal 1.30 - An add-on program for Yahoo Messenger, which enables you to specify different auto reply messages for different accounts on the same machine.
CallerID Monitor 2.0 - Turn your PC into advanced full-featured Caller ID device using your modem or ISDN adapter.
ChatBlocker 2.6 - A desktop parental control application for moderating and restricting chat conversations, features concealment options, and remote log viewing capabilities.
VentaFax 5.7 - Designed for sending and receiving faxes and voice messages through common analog telephone lines, combining facsimile set and answering machine functions, etc.
Yahoo Message Archive Decoder 3.3 - Decode conversation messages, private messages, conferences, and SMS/Mobile Messages to HTML or plain text, with time stamps, smiles etc.
Extreme Messenger for AIM 1.7.2 - A powerful tool for enhancing the basic AOL Instant Messenger interface, compile your IM and chat windows, hide the annoying ads, log conversations etc.
Parent Tools for AIM 2.5.0 - A powerful monitoring and protection tool for AOL Instant Messenger, record conversations and limit online time.
Instant Messenger 1.01 - Create a service like ICQ on your website. The software has basically the same functionality as ICQ, MSN or Yahoo instant messengers.
Live Chat 1.01 - Multi-room live chat includes: (1) PHP/MySQL chat server (MySQL optional); (2) Chat client for Windows; (3) Java/JavaScript chat client with easily customizable HTML/CSS interface.
MING Chat Monitor 1.1 - MING Chat Monitor is a simple and affordable software solution for users who want to control, monitor, and archive unlimited IM traffic on the company or home network.
MSN Chat Monitor and Sniffer 3.5.2 - A handy network-control utility for capture and observe MSN chat conversations on all computers in network.
Instant Message Grabber 2.3 - Automatically record and index AOL Instant Messages, and conversations can be saw by Screen Name and date/time.
CommFort 2.20 - Combine all attributes of the best network communication utility that supports client-server chat with voice.
Softros LAN Messenger 3.8.3 - It is an easy-to-use LAN messaging application for effective intra-office communication.
LANMessage Pro 4.00 - Is a tool for communicating with other people on your network. It provides a means of communication that is fast. LANMessage Pro easily Send, Receive, Reply and Forward messages.
Outlook LAN Messenger 4.1.0 - Instant messaging software designed for use within Small and Corporate Office's Local Area Network. Features include Text & Group Chat, Voice Chat, File Transfer, Offline Messaging. Its Server-less, requires No internet connection & Easy to install.
Craigslist Classified Ad Poster 5.0 - Craigslist Automated Classified Ad Posting and Submission Software! It enables you to post your ads to CraigslistTM* Quickly and Easily! This New Software will enable you to cut ad posting to just a few seconds!
AIM Monitor Sniffer 3.2 - Network utility software designed to monitor, record and capture AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) chat conversations on all computers in a network.
Multi operator ASP chat script - Multi operator ASP chat script software allows business websites support executive including of (travel, education) to chat with websites visitors in real time.
Single Operator ASP Chat Script - Single operator ASP chat script software (commonly known as 1 to 1 chat) that combines live chat and help desk customer support between website visitors and company representative.
Newsgroup Commander Pro 7.0 - Newsgroup Commander Pro is a news reader program which simplifies complex searches in Usenet archives.
Newsgroup Explorer 5.10 -Newsgroup Explorer is the fastest way to find any information you're looking for in news group archives.

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