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CallerID Monitor 2.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP

TAPI compliant modem with Caller ID capability or ISDN adapter

TAPI 2.1 or higher (for modem usage)

CAPI 2.0 (for ISDN usage)

Caller ID service provided by your local telephone company

PC Caller ID Detection -- Know Who's Calling!

CallerID Monitor can work with both modems and ISDN cards. In case of using modems, program will work with Number-Only Caller ID service as well as with Name and Number Caller ID service. Also, when using ISDN adapter, program is able to detect caller's phone number while you're online. This PC Caller ID software is able to match identified phone number with phone numbers stored in built-in Address Book. This allows users with Number-Only Caller ID service to see the name and location of the caller.

You can use CallerID Monitor while you're online, but only when used with ISDN. If you have ISDN adapter, Call Waiting feature is supported. This way you can know who's calling while you surfing on the Internet!

PC Caller ID Blocking -- Get Rid of Unwanted Callers!

CallerID Monitor has an option to automatically block incoming phone calls from callers you put in Black List. As well as automaticaly, calls can be rejected manually too.

Address Book -- Your Contacts Group-Organized!

CallerID Monitor has its own built-in Address Book that will keep your contacts in one place and always easy available. It allows you to enter more then 50 different informations per contact including contact personal info, company info, up to 8 phone numbers, internet related informations, contact notes or description... Your contacts in Address Book can be easily organized in groups of your choice. Organize your contacts in groups like "Family", "Friends" or "Business" for easy navigation.

This full-featured Address Book allows you to exchange contacts with those from Microsoft Outlook. Also, you can import contacts you want from Windows Address Book. This excellent feature is a real time-saver. Can you imagine how exhausting process is to enter 50 informations per contact for, lets say, 100 contacts? Huge job! Now you can do it with just few mouse clicks.

Announce Callers -- Hear Who's Calling!

CallerID Monitor features various call announce options per-contact based. You can choose how you want your contact to be announced. Choose between group sound, specific custom sound or computer-generated voice using text-to-speech engine. In order to work with text-to-speech, you will need to have SAPI Engine installed on your computer. CallerID Monitor supports both versions, SAPI 4 and SAPI 5.1.

Caller's Picture -- See Who's Calling!

Many similar programs have call announcement option, but can you SEE who's calling? With CallerID Monitor you can! Just set photo or other picture for particular contact. Next time this contact call's, you'll see his photo.

Caller ID Call List -- Your Call History in One Place!

Want to know who called few weeks ago? CallerID Monitor's Call List will log and save all your incoming call and caller id information. Program will manage all incoming calls for you, even if you're not around. You can review your calls anytime you want to. Your personal calls history!

Screenshots - More Details

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