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Yahoo Message Archive Decoder Pro 3.3

View other's conversation, SMS and private message, decode dat files to formatted HTML or text.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $19.00

File Size:376 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($19.00) Limitations:Limited number of decodings
Date Added:10-17-2005 Requirements:lan or network

View message - yahoo message archive decoder
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Software Description:
Yahoo Message Archive Decoder made you view and decode other's Message archived which is stored on your disk. Normally, you need to log in before viewing the message archived. With this program, you can decode and view not only yours, but also other's conversations offline without password. It decodes 20 times faster than the internal viewer.

It converts encoded DAT files to HTML files, supports archives of private messages, conferences and SMS. Batch decoding of entire archive directory is also available. Also includes auto-detection and date filter selection, customizable HTML or plain-text output, font styles, and smilies. You can even enable message archiving of other users on your system without logging in.

It also supports recovery of Yahoo! Messenger's saved password. For advanced users, command-line interface is also provided. Version 3.3 features easier user interface, enhanced auto-detection.

Key Features:
  • Decodes the message archive without logging in (offline mode).
  • Supports normal conversations, private messages, conferences and SMS.
  • Up to 20 times faster than the Yahoo!'s internal message viewer.
  • Auto-detection of usernames available in your computer.
  • Processes all files in a directory, provides manual file decoding, even batch command-line interface is available.
  • Supports message formatting (bold, italic, underline, font colors, font face, font size) and YM v6 graphical smileys.
  • Outputs HTML files (saveable) with customizable templates, or plain text files for further processing.
  • Recovers saved password (including version 6 passwords).
  • Message Archive Option Manager: change any user's message archiving options directly.
  • Improved directory auto-detection, also single-file username detection.
  • Date filter selection (to select specific files' date to decode) and modifiable time zone.
Editor's Review:
This offline viewer can view conversations, conferences, SMS and private messages of any user using your computer.

Yahoo Message Archive Decoder can decode / decrypt *.dat files that is stored in the disk to formatted HTML or plain text, even without logging in.

You can also decode archive files you get from another computer. All you need is this software and username of the Message Archive owner. No passwords required!

By the way, It has simple inferface for using and very convenient!

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