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Yahoo Pal 1.30 - User Guide and FAQ

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Using Yahoo Pal

Run multiple instances of Yahoo! Messenger.

After installing Yahoo Pal, Yahoo Pal will automatically run after you logon. After Yahoo Pal starts, you can run any number of instances of Yahoo! Messengers. If you run Yahoo Pal after Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo Pal will detect Yahoo! Messenger, and attaches to it by itself. Once Yahoo Pal attaches to Yahoo! Messengers, you will see a new menu item named "Yahoo Pal" in all Yahoo! Main windows and IM windows.

Set the hotkey for hiding Yahoo! Messenger windows and System Bar Icons.

You can go to any Yahoo! Main window, and click the menu Yahoo Pal -> Preferences, and select the tab "Hide". By default, the hotkey hide function is enabled, and the key sequence is Ctrl + Alt + H. You can change the key sequence by type the key sequence while selecting the edit window. You can also disable the hotkey hide function.

Set the auto reply message.

You can go to any Yahoo! Main window, and click the menu Yahoo Pal -> Preferences, and select the tab "Auto Reply". This function is unique to any instance of Yahoo! Messenger, and you can set different auto reply messenger for different Yahoo! Accounts currently you logged on.

Send quotes and adages to your friend.

In the IM Window, you can click the menu Yahoo Pal -> Random inoffensive quote or Random offensive quote, Yahoo Pal will automatically send a quote to your friend depending on your selecting.

Quit Yahoo Pal.

You can go to any Yahoo! Main window, and click the menu Yahoo Pal -> Exit Yahoo Pal, the Yahoo Pal program will quit. In the meanwhile, all Yahoo Pal menus will be removed from all Yahoo! Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions - Yahoo Pal

  1. Why you can not see Yahoo Pal menu in the Yahoo! Messenger windows?
    You want see Yahoo Pal menu in the Yahoo! Meahoo Pal will automatically attach to running Yahoo! Messenger and new Yahoo! Messengers you run after Yahoo Pal.

  2. How to register?
    Once you order Yahoo Pal, you will get a register code. Click the menu Yahoo Pal in any Yahoo! Messenger main window, click About Yahoo Pal, and then click Register button, enter the register code, then click OK button.

Screenshots - More Details

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