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Easy File Sharing FTP Server 1.2 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - Easy File Sharing FTP Server

  1. Does Easy File Sharing FTP Server support SSL?

    No, Easy File Sharing FTP Server currently does not support SSL, We recommend you use our another product Easy File Sharing Web Server, which supports 128 bit SSL Encryption.

  2. What is the largest file size upload to Easy File Sharing FTP Server?

    download/upload a single file larger than 4 GB.

  3. Why my friends cannot connect the server on my computer from their computers in their homes?
    First, please connect to internet before you run this program, then check if your friend's computer can access your computer directly. Tell your friend to ping the IP address of your computer. Please tell him to open a ms-dos command window. Then type 'ping' and then press the 'enter' key. we suppose is the internet IP address of your PC. If your friend can only see 'Request timed out' on his computer, it means that your friend cannot access your computer directly at all. There could be a firewall software on your computer, which blocks all outside requests. Please configure the firewall to enable the ports of Easy File Sharing FTP Server or disable the firewall.

  4. How to use Easy File Sharing FTP Server behind a router?
    You need to configure the router to forward port 21 and the PASV ports 2000-2010 to the internal IP address where Easy File Sharing FTP Server is listening. This allows the FTP traffic to be routed through the router and into Easy File Sharing FTP Server. There should be options in the router to forward these ports.

  5. I'm using Easy File Sharing FTP Server on a LAN, my colleagues can visit my URL, but my friends cannot visit it through internet.
    If your computer is on a LAN and it connect to Internet with a proxy software such as Sygate or Windows ICS, your friends cannot visit your site because they cannot access your computer directly. To let them visit your computer, please make your computer connect to internet directly via a modem, ISDN, ADSL and so on. Otherwise, you need to redirect the port on your LAN gateway(the computer running proxy server) with some TCP/IP port redirectors such as PortTunnel.

  6. What's different between Port mode and PASV mode?
    FTP supports two modes. These modes are called Standard (or PORT or Active) and Passive (or PASV). The Standard mode FTP client sends PORT commands to the FTP server. The Passive mode client sends PASV commands to the FTP Server. These commands are sent over the FTP command channel when establishing the FTP session.

Screenshots - More Details

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