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Advanced Administrative Tools 5.92

A 12-in-1 utility, including Port Scanner, Proxy Analyzer, RBL Locator, CGI Analyzer, Email Verifier, Links Analyzer, Network Monitor, Process Monitor, Whois, System Info, Resource Viewer and Registry Cleaner.

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File Size:3,083 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($75.00) Limitations:10 days
Date Added:02-28-2006 Requirements:Internet connection or TCP/IP enabled LAN.

Screenshot - Advanced Administrative Tools
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Software Description:

Have you been port scanned lately? Completely ignoring network security is not smart and ignorance isn't exactly blissful either. If you access the Internet via a cable modem, DSL, or even a dial-up connection, someone is constantly knocking on your virtual "front door", giving your system the once-over. Protect your data, privacy and valuable computer system with Advanced Administrative Tools (AATools). AATools is an essential security diagnostic tool for anyone who wishes to protect their computer and all the valuable data it contains.

Advanced Administrative Tools is a 12-in-1 utility, including Port Scanner, Proxy Analyzer, RBL Locator, CGI Analyzer, Email Verifier, Links Analyzer, Network Monitor, Process Monitor, Whois, System Info, Resource Viewer and Registry Cleaner. Its purpose is to accumulate data pertaining to network status and availability, using all of the latest development tools in network research. AATools is security toolset that finds holes before intruders attack. AATools should be a part of your security toolkit and you should employ them regularly.

Key Features:
  • Multithreading, providing you high performance on checking.
  • Every scanner can obtain information from a single host, or from all hosts in range IP addresses as well as work with list of hosts and IP addresses.
  • All information shown by the program may be saved to *.txt files.
  • Highly intuitive interface provides easy operation for users.
Editor's Review:

Advanced Administrative Tools is a multithreading network and system explorer. The AATools System Info module provides the most detailed information about your PC: operating system, CPU, memory, display, drives and media, engines, printers, devices, network adaptors and addresses, and Advanced Power management system. Useful for system administrators, service personnel or anyone who simply wants to know more about their PC and its connections to the network or Internet, audit your network security.

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