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EZ Document Safe 1.82

Personal Encrypted Document Tool - Fast Zip Compression, Double Password Protection, RSA Hash, Version Tracker and File Synchronizations, helps you to store and list your private documents

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $21.95

File Size:4,431 KB System:Windows 2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($21.95) Limitations:database not exceed 128M
Date Added:04-27-2007 Requirements:Internet Explorer 5.5 or later

EZ Document Safe
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Software Description:
EZ Document Safe is a Personal Encrypted Document Tool and also a Source Safe Replacement. With AES Encryption, Fast Zip Compression, Double Password Protection, RSA Hash, Version Tracker and File Synchronizations, it can helps you to store and list your private documents (such as private files, official documents, source code, photos, videos, and even your passwords) in a safe way.

With EZ Document Safe you can:
  • Create database-files for storing
  • Import any file
  • Protect your files with encryption, compression
  • Enhance securities with double-password-encryption for most important files
  • Sync documents with check-in and check out operations, revisions
  • Backup your files automatically and incrementally.
  • Manage your documents with ability to copy, paste, modify, move, drag and drop, search, remark, preview, and so on.

Key Features:
  • Encrypt with AES, DES and your own algorithms.
  • Fast and stable encryption and compression.
  • Built in HTML and TEXT editor.
  • Synchronization of working files with check-in and check-out operations.
  • Track file's history versions.
  • Auto-increment-backup and system-crash-down defense technology.
  • File content search engine.
  • Restrict access to numerous system features and settings.
  • Simply edit Start menu and desktop for users.
  • Edit group membership of users.
Editor's Review:

EZ Document Safe gives a reliable solution to manage all your documents just in one place and keep them privately safe, so easy and so professional! It can help us keep private document files safe from hackers and crackers who want to steal your privacy. ; prevent Violent Cracks with RSA Big Integer Computing; Hide your most important data with Double-Password-Protection; List and check out your files without decryption. You can even use it as a little photo gallery with its thumbnail icon view; Sync your working files with check-in and check-out operations; Track history file versions with revisions, easily restore them when necessary; Carry your files around and access all your valuable information anywhere without worrying about any data leakage.

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