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GhostSurf Standard 2.04 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Privacy levels

You can set your privacy level by moving the slider (shown above, in the center of the window). The lowest level, "Normal", sends data directly to the Internet without modifying, rerouting or encrypting it. The highest level, "Secure", removes personal information, reroutes your data, and encrypts it. The available privacy levels are:
  • Secure - this is maximum security and anonymity. Outgoing data is modified to remove information that could be used to identify you or reveal some information about the computer you're using. Data is then routed through Tenebril's anonymous hubs to prevent back-tracing by websites. And everything is encrypted, stopping eavesdropping.
  • Invisible - this privacy level removes the same personally-identifying information from outgoing data that the "Secure" level does, and routes your data through anonymous hubs to prevent back-tracing. It does not encrypt your data. At this level, a very advanced hacker, a very ambitious ISP, or an agency could listen to your connection to see where you're surfing.
  • Anonymous - at this level, your personally-identifying information is removed. Data is sent directly to the web sites you're visiting (not sent through anonymous hubs). This may speed up your connection somewhat, but it would allow a malicious web site operator to use your IP address to attack your computer (the web site operator would not know who you are, however). If you visit small websites or websites that are not owned by reputable companies, you may wish to consider using a higher privacy level.
  • Normal - GhostSurf lets your data go to the Internet directly, just as your web browser sent it. In this sense, you have the same level of privacy that you have if you connect to the Internet without GhostSurf. "Normal" is useful if you're trying to visit a website that requires personal information (like your bank, or your on-line e-mail site).
Advanced privacy levels

If you're an advanced user, you can create your own custom privacy levels that are not available by using the slider. For example, you could create a privacy level that routes data through anonymous hubs and encrypts the data, but does not remove personally-identifying information. This special privacy level would allow you to securely access your online e-mail, for example.

To create an advanced privacy level, click the "Advanced..." button in the Privacy Level page. You will now see a set of buttons that will let you define your advanced privacy level. You can choose to block personal information, to route your data anonymously, and to encrypt your data.

You can switch back to the basic privacy levels by clicking the "Simple..." button that appears. When you switch back, the Privacy Control Center will reset your privacy level to the standard one which most closely matches the advanced one you have created.

Screenshots - More Details

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