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PC Security Explorer 2.0

highly improves your computer's security. You get powerful tool that monitors loaded programs and Internet traffic, and also cleans your computer up from security threats and make backup of your documents.

Download Site           Buy Now $29

Version: 2.0 Publisher:
File Size: 823 KB System: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003
License: Free to try($29) Limitations: 30 days trial
Date Added: 12-21-2007 Requirements: Pentium 200Mhz, 64MB RAM, 10MB HDD

PC Security Explorer

Software Description:

PC Security Explorer 2 highly improves your computer's security. You get powerful tool that monitors loaded programs and Internet traffic, and also cleans your computer up from security threats and make backup of your documents. "Computer Control" section provides four applications. You get detailed information about loaded and installed programs as well as their potential security risk. You can scan your hard discs here looking for security threats. Internet Security section provides eight applications. You are able to check current Internet connections, set up blocking incoming connections and get all info about suspicious IP address. Now you can also check who exactly sent you email and which way it went thru. You get easy to set up and control anti-dialer, anti-popup and anti-spam applications here too. Additional Tools section provides four additional applications. Use "Backup" to make backup of your documents then burn them to CD or DVD instantly. Hit "Cleaning" tab to clean up unused, unimportant files and history. Go to "Local Network" to find out who's accessing your data in local area. And last but not least "Password Reminder" unhashes for you forgotten password in other program.

Key Features:

  • Monitoring - get information about suspicious applications on your computer in real-time Application List - shows all loaded programs with their security status info
  • Autostart - manages which programs are being loaded with System Start-up
  • File scanner - scannes hard drives looking for security threats and removes them in one-click step
  • Current Connections - shows who and from where is connected to your computer using Internet connection
  • Access blocking - block bad IP address or let PC Security Explorer do it automatically
  • Protection - Afraid someone tries to hack your computer? Test it here!
  • Address checking - get all detailed inforamtion about someone who is behind IP address
  • Mail analyzer - find out real suspicious email's source
  • Antidialer - block connections with those expensive telephone numbers
  • AntiPopup - block unwanted pop-up adverts, have your computer safe from installing spyware
  • Backup - burn backup of your documents to CD or DVD
  • Cleaning - clean your computer up by scanning unused desktop icons, private cookies and temporary files
  • Local Network - find out who and why accesses your data in local network
  • Password Reminder - get your other program's forgotten password unhashed
Editor's Review:
It allow you to secretly monitor and record all activities on your computer, and this is completely legal. Such monitoring acts so stealthily that the user won't know its existence.

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