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TouchLocker 1.03 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - TouchLocker

  1. What can this software do?
    It can lock your computer. Unauthorized use of mouse and keyboard will be banned. Thus your information in computer will be protected.

  2. How to set the unlocking hotkey?
    Click the icon on the tray to access the main interface of the program. Click the Unlock edition bar in the General tab, to give it focus of the cursor. Press a key that you want to set as hotkey, then save it.

  3. Why set the unlocking hotkey?
    After you lock the computer with the software, all the mouse actions and keyboard actions will be disabled. You can unlock the computer to continue to use mouse and keyboard only by using the hotkey.

  4. How to add the lock to your computer?
    Four ways to add a lock to the computer: 1) click the lock now button in the main interface of the program; 2) double-click the icon of the program in the system tray; 3) press the locking hotkey your have preset; 4) From the pop-up menu of the system, click the lock computer item.

  5. When an unlocking password is set, why do we meet the problem of failure to unlock after inputting the password?
    Pay attention to the following situations: A) when the first input of password is wrong, wait 2 seconds before retry. B) When inputting the password, don't spend more than 2 seconds between two characters. C) Don't set a mistaken password when setting the password.

  6. What should we do when the unlocking password is forgotten?
    First, please remember everything about password unlock. When you confirm both the password unlock and the hotkey unlock fail, you can do nothing but reset computer and re-configure the program.

  7. How to configure the program to make the program window on the desktop minimize when the program has entered the locked status?
    On the Options TAB, select Minimize windows when locked, and press SAVE to save the setting.

  8. How to configure the program to make the computer system automatically enter locked state after the system is not operated in 120 seconds?
    On the Options TAB, select On resume, lock, and press SAVE to save the setting.

Screenshots - More Details

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