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CCProxy v6.3 - User Guide and FAQ

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How to use CCProxy

  1. Download the latest version of CCProxy from our site.

  2. Find a computer able to perform stably as a server. The OS can be Win98/ME, WinNT/2000/XP, Windows 2000 is recommended.

  3. Make sure you have correctly installed network connection equipment and the connection between server and clients works well.

  4. To avoid conflict, you need to temporarily stop firewall, anti virus and other proxy software before installation.

  5. Run the latest version installation program on the server.

  6. After installation, CCProxy will initially execute with the default settings. The default settings are enough to realize the basic functions of Internet sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions - CCProxy

  1. Why mail proxy failed?
    This is because you have installed other applications that relate to the mail service on your server - this creates a conflict on the device. To be more specific:

    In the case where you installed an anti e-mail virus program, then a port 110(POP3) conflict may occur. You will need to change the port for the anti-virus software. However, not all anti-virus software supports port revision. If you can't change the port, then you will have to stop the anti-virus function. Although CCProxy provides a function to change the POP3 port, we don't suggest you to do so. Norton doesn't cause any problems and CCProxy works well with Norton.

    In the case where you installed other proxy server software, then a conflict of port 110(POP3) and port 25(SMTP) may occur. This is because some proxy servers simultaneously have a mail proxy function. You will need to stop the mail proxy function of those proxy servers.

    In the case where there is an installed firewall application, a port conflict might occur. You will need to open the following ports: 25(SMTP), 110(POP3), 53(DNS), 80(HTTP), 8011(Admin) and 5353(MX).

    In the case where there is an installed mail server application, if it is using the same port as that of proxy server, then a port conflict will occur. Stopping those mail servers will make CCProxy perform normally.

    If you are sure other applications can assume the mail proxy function (e.g. CMailServer), then go to CCProxy "settings" and uncheck "Mail proxy".

  2. Why News startup failed?
    This is because you have installed the NNTP Service on the server. To cancel the NNTP Service go to: "Control Panel"-> "Add/Delete application"-> "Add/Delete windows component"-> "Internet Information Service (IIS)"-> uncheck "NNTP Service". Another reason for this is that you have installed another proxy server.

  3. Why startup of other proxy such as HTTP, Socks etc. failed?
    Because you may install another proxy server on the server. Turn off that proxy server will solve the problem.

  4. Why DNS startup failed?
    This is because you have installed DNS server on the server.
    First, you need to confirm whether the DNS server you've installed is actually required.

    If the answer is yes, you need to disable the DNS proxy in CCProxy: Open the management interface of CCProxy-> "Settings" -> uncheck "DNS".

    Or you need to stop the DNS server you've installed. Cases such as this happens most frequently in Win2000 because the DNS server is installed automatically. To stop the DNS in Win2000, go to: "Control Panel"-> " Management Tool"-> "Service" -> "DNS Server"-> Change " Startup Type" to " Manual", press button "Stop".

  5. How to use NT users authentication to verify account?
    Open 'CCProxy\CCProxy.ini', change NTUserAuth=0 to NTUserAuth=1, Select Auth Type "User/Password" on Account Manager.

  6. How to set up IE proxy?
    Launch IE -> menu "Tools" -> "Internet Options" -> "Connections" -> "LAN settings" -> choose "use a proxy server" -> "advanced" -> "servers" -> add" server address" to "HTTP", "Secure", "FTP", "Gopher", Port is 808; add "server address" to "Socks", Port is 1080.

  7. Is there a way to change the port that CCProxy uses for outgoing mail?
    Yes. Please open file ccproxy.ini. Then change parameter "PortSMTP" to the port number you want.

Screenshots - More Details

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